HYPOCRITE: Trudeau Gives Your Taxpayer Dollars To Senegal’s Anti-Gay Leader To Develop Their Oil & Gas Industry

While Alberta fights to survive and the Liberals lecture everyone on social issues, the Trudeau-Liberal hypocrisy reaches a disgusting new low.

Senegal is a country that puts gay people in prison, and has some of the most brutally anti-gay laws anywhere in the world.

Their leader defends those laws, and has said that there’s no place in his country for gay people.

So, given how much that goes against Canadian laws, and given how Justin Trudeau and the Liberals so relentlessly attacked Andrew Scheer for his personal, private views on gay marriage, you would think that the Liberals would be the strongest in condemning what Senegal is doing, right?


While Trudeau was in Senegal offering a bribe for a UN security council seat, Senegal’s leader “Sall doubled down on his stance that his country would not accept any changes to its current laws and that homosexuality or Pride parades would not be accepted.”

Trudeau refused to comment. He didn’t push back.

He didn’t criticize Sall or Senegal.

He didn’t say a damn thing.

But here’s what he did do:

He gave Senegal money to develop their oil & gas industry.

Here’s what Sall said about the meeting:

“The partnership between Senegal and #Canada offers attractive growth potential in the mining, agriculture, oil, gas, clean energy and digital sectors. Delighted to welcome PM to Dakar @JustinTrudeau to work on these subjects.”

So, in order to get the pathetic and worthless UN seat, Trudeau is giving your taxpayer dollars to an anti-gay leader, refusing to condemn that leader, and helping that country develop their oil & gas sector while his government chokes the oil & gas sector to death in Canada.

Hypocrisy isn’t even a strong enough word for how disgusting and pathetic that is.

Spencer Fernando

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