Why Would Anyone Invest In Canada Now?

Our country can’t even manage a tiny number of blockading radicals.

In theory, Canada should be richest country on earth on a per capita basis.

We have a relatively small population, which just so happens to be situated next to the world’s most powerful economic and military power in the US.

We have more natural resources than any other country, with an abundance of oil, trees, fresh water, minerals, and more that other countries can only envy.

Canada’s cities should all look like Dubai, with glittering skyscrapers as far as the eye can see. We should be like Kuwait, where people pay almost no taxes and the country is so rich that people often get huge payments from the government, rather than the other way around.

In short, Canada should be a nation where investment is flowing in massively.

But that’s not what’s happening.

Instead of Canada being super-rich, half of our population is just one missed paycheque away from disaster.

Our economy is slowing, even as the US booms.

And now, we are watching our nation be humiliatingly brought to its knees by a handful of radical blockaders.

As people, particularly investors, watch what’s happening, a key question on people’s minds surely must be this:

“Who would invest in Canada now?”

With the booming US next door, with a pro-investment, pro-growth administration, why would anyone invest in Canada right now?

We can’t even deal with a few people illegally blockading our rail lines. And consider that people are seeing how our whole economy can be weakened by just one rail line being blocked, which itself is a serious vulnerability and points to an appalling lack of infrastructure.

Have we ever before seen a country blessed with so much do so little with it?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


I will NEVER register with the government. I will remain Independent and fight back. You can help Support my writing. If you want to contribute, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:
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Don Taylor

Trudeau is trying to force us into a New World Order, DONT LET HIM

Major Tom

Too late…….Canada has been the UN’s Judas Goat for decades……..

Donald O'Kane

Time for a non-confidence vote. The whole Liberal party is one big joke, a very bad joke at that, and has no idea how to function in a democratic society. Trudeau and the liberals mention the “rule of law” but never follow through with what they SHOULD be doing. Vote the whole party out, especially Trudeau!!!!! Also I DON’T A SEAT IN THE UN, HELL I DON’T EVEN WANT TO BE A MEMBER OF THE UN!!!!!!

Ben Eby

It makes no sense to invest in Canada right now. The country is basically leaderless and that’s precisely why a large portion of the WEST including Alberta and Saskatchewan must leave confederation ASAP.


As long as we have looney leftist globalists in power , like the Trudeau Liberals and the majority of the
OTHER leftist parties ‘vying’ to govern us, or prop up his useless minority government and pushing for their OWN’ globalist interests? NOTHING will change.It’s a damn shame and a waste of a good and resource rich country and its people, like you said Spencer.


You are absolutely correct.
The Police turn a blind eye to these protesters as our economy starts to collapse due to the railroads inability to get our products to market.
The political opposition is doing nothing, as is our government in power.
When citizens try to intervene they are arrested.
Tic Tok, we are getting closer and closer to the people fighting back against our government.

alan skelhorne

i have been saying it all along, civil war is coming to Canada.


The entire civilized world is watching, absolutely shocked that a Country that could be as great and democratic and free as Canada, is deliberately being run into the ground by a fake incompetent narcissist who claims to be the leader, and is supported by the Federal and Provincial Green and NDP Parties who have the philosophy of the destruction of the economy. They have no hesitation to destroy everyone just so they can claim they can control world climate. The Conservatives have collapsed and are still ineffective. No improvement there. We have nobody looking after Canada, so we are being… Read more »


Jon it is way past time for our people to start fighting back, or at least paying attention and thinking before voting we really need a leader and some where there must be one, we are just so divided and soon to be very poor and the law abiding, tax paying without guns.

Bev McMullan

It is quite obvious the police have been told to back off and not to do anything by the Federal government.


The 1% rich are waiting for our total collapse so they can buy it all up very cheaply and have really cheap labor forced to work very hard, or maybe it is just Soro’s Trudeau, Clinton and Obama’s ?friend and his other ilk making this damage to Canada since he is buying into our banks and he owns a lot of protesters and fake charities around the world. Since most of our media is blocked and the rest is false we will never know how or who collapsed us, it is quite possible it is the UN and China, Trudeau’s… Read more »

Bev McMullan

If NWO comes to Canada there will be no middle class only the very poor and very rich. We will be like serfs to the rich…they say the poor are easier to control than the middle class. They will control us by the implants that will be injected into us. They will control our children and our lives….it would be our hell.


Spencer you have to ask that question? Not even fools or high level risk takers would be interested.

Malcolm Dutchak

very sad how a few people can hold a whole country hostage especially when media does not tell the whole story and truth, the fed and provincial governments lack of responding to the situation is extremely ssd and the RCMP and provincial police response to court orders as well have been disgraceful of the legal system, if they can follow the law how do they expect others to follow the law

Gary major

All of this can be attributed to the lefts new world order Smarten up Canadians or end up under the UNs heel trudeau is just a sympton!


These people, like you, are protesting because of an incompetent government, but because they haven’t had the sense to divert some of that tax into a future proofing of the Canadian energy sector that matches up to a need of worldly proportions, and instead ends up in a series of environmental disasters like the train crash this year, or the tailing ponds littering the watershed a few miles from your cabin. You are right, the Canadian economy could boom, if they stop buying out corrupt pipeline projects, and instead invest in the massive, abundant natural resources of renewable energy on… Read more »