DISASTER: Teck Resources Withdraws Application For Massive Frontier Oilsands Mine

After a decade of going through the process, the Teck Frontier Mine is shelved as Trudeau’s weakness allows Canada to descend into lawlesness.

The Teck Resources Frontier Mine, a massive oilsands project worth up to $20 BILLION, has been shelved.

Amid ‘public safety’ concerns – particularly the takeover of Canada’s infrastructure by a small group of radicals – there is simply no belief that anything can get done under this pathetically weak Trudeau government.

Canada is now a country where the trains literally don’t even run, let alone not running on time.

We are a joke, a pathetically weak nation that other countries laugh at.

And we know very well that if Teck thought the Trudeau Liberals would approve the project, they wouldn’t have shelved it:

“There’s no way Teck would be making this decision now unless they’d been given a heads up that a negative decision was coming from the Trudeau government.

I wonder if @realDonaldTrump will let us apply to the U.S. as economic refugees.”

And in a sign of how far Canada has fallen, companies now appear to be citing the same kind of things we hear in countries like Venezuela when it comes to our instability:

“A source familiar with the situation tells me Teck will be temporarily shelving its $20B Frontier oilsands mine. Statement coming soon, I’m told. Political unrest cited as major reason for the decision. #cdnpoli #ableg”

There’s no way to sugarcoat this: This is a disastrous moment for Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube