DISASTER: Teck Resources Withdraws Application For Massive Frontier Oilsands Mine

After a decade of going through the process, the Teck Frontier Mine is shelved as Trudeau’s weakness allows Canada to descend into lawlesness.

The Teck Resources Frontier Mine, a massive oilsands project worth up to $20 BILLION, has been shelved.

Amid ‘public safety’ concerns – particularly the takeover of Canada’s infrastructure by a small group of radicals – there is simply no belief that anything can get done under this pathetically weak Trudeau government.

Canada is now a country where the trains literally don’t even run, let alone not running on time.

We are a joke, a pathetically weak nation that other countries laugh at.

And we know very well that if Teck thought the Trudeau Liberals would approve the project, they wouldn’t have shelved it:

“There’s no way Teck would be making this decision now unless they’d been given a heads up that a negative decision was coming from the Trudeau government.

I wonder if @realDonaldTrump will let us apply to the U.S. as economic refugees.”

And in a sign of how far Canada has fallen, companies now appear to be citing the same kind of things we hear in countries like Venezuela when it comes to our instability:

“A source familiar with the situation tells me Teck will be temporarily shelving its $20B Frontier oilsands mine. Statement coming soon, I’m told. Political unrest cited as major reason for the decision. #cdnpoli #ableg”

There’s no way to sugarcoat this: This is a disastrous moment for Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Miles Lunn

I invest in start ups as well as stock markets and I can tell you Canada is one of the last countries I would invest in. We have great potential and hots of hardworking Canadians and entrepreneurial types that mean we could have a great future, but we have let the woke SJWs run the show and are paying a price. Ironically most of them come from rich parents who made their money thanks to capitalism yet hate the system that allowed to enjoy their comfortable life. That is why they can spend all day shutting things down while the… Read more »

Eric Blair

Now watch Teck move HQ from Vancouver to the States just like the other large companies have done. As long as they are not leaving Quebec, Trudeau will not care.




What ever we do i s never enough to stop this Cancer!

Arie Intveld

It’s more than coincidental that Teck’s CEO began stating that the Teck’s Frontier Oil Sands Project financial viability was proving to be questionable right around the time that the Wet’suwet’en First Nation solidarity anarchists (rail blockades) first started.

Trudeau Liberal Party motto … “Onwards buttercup … there’s f*ckery to be done.”

Gary major

Canada don’t let the door hit us on the way out WE”RE DONE HERE!


The massive amount of laws, assessments, fees, employee rights, government harassment, makes doing any business in Canada impossible. Many other countries have far less government harassment that has increased over the decades. If you want to lose money, then Canada is all set up for this.
Have yet to see investments who want to lose money.

Garlet Farlett

I am literally sitting here with my mouth agape. I cannot believe what is happening to Canada. This is insane.

alan skelhorne

so tell me, what is left now, besides the country of Quebec, he said it years ago before entering politics, Quebec is Canada, Quebec runs Canada, Quebecers are smarter than Canadians, need I say more.


Ha !
And Trudeau just gave Senegal $10M , to help develop their oil and gas industry.

How does this make any sense….a carbon tax for Canadians, and $10M for Senegal ?

shawn harris

Justin Trudeau has sacrificed yet another oil project, that would have created untold wealth, jobs and prosperity for decades to come on the religious altar of environmental appeasement; better known as the new religion, where everyone has to sacrifice what little they have to the same communist god that Trudeau has surrendered himself to. The insanity of Trudeau when it comes our national economy, is that first you destroy the oil industry, crush Alberta, and no other province, borrow massive amounts of money, raise taxes, and regulations to crushing levels,pour billions of tax dollars into Quebec and that just maybe… Read more »