VIDEO: Thousands Of Toronto Commuters Stranded Due To Illegal Blockades

Ongoing government weakness leads to spreading disruption and chaos.

With the illegal blockades spreading and escalating, more and more Canadians are being blocked from one of our most basic rights: The right to freely move within our own country.

And the disruption is even hitting intercity transport service in Canada’s largest city.

In the video below, you can see thousands of commuters stranded at Toronto’s Union Station, due to illegal blockades of intercity railway tracks:

The Trudeau Liberals won tons of seats in Toronto in the last election.

Given Trudeau’s pathetic weakness and his allowing chaos to spread, perhaps some people in downtown Toronto are rethinking their support for the incompetent and failed PM.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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How about the current Trophy PM put on his little parka and booties and little mittens with the cord through the sleeves and go to these illegal blockades to preach to the illegals about the error of their ways? It might look better, but the illegals would simply give him and his goons the finger and ignore him as they always do. Having some sort of authority on paper and actually being able to intelligently apply that authority have no intersection in Trudeau’s world.

Justin Trudeau, the paper PM.