Canada’s Economic Growth Drops, Even Before Impact Of Ongoing Illegal Blockades

Botched coronavirus response could also contribute to a further economic downturn.

Even before the full economic impact of the illegal blockades has been known, Canada’s economic growth is weakening.

The numbers for the 4th quarter of 2019 show annualized growth of just 0.3%, the worst it’s been in four years.

And considering that Canada’s population is growing by about 1.5% per year, that 0.3% ‘growth’ rate means Canadians are getting poorer on a per-capita basis.

Q3 annualized growth was also revised downward, from 1.3% to 1.1%.

Keep in mind, these weakening numbers don’t even include Quarter 1 of 2020. So, on top of this weakness, there’s now the devastating illegal blockades and the Coronavirus, meaning the economy will get even worse.

This country, despite all our potential, is falling further and further behind, with the weak, incompetent, and dishonest Trudeau government leading us into disaster.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube