Coronavirus Crisis Shows Why We Must Decouple From China

The Communist State cannot be trusted, and the entire world is now paying the price.

Communist China is trying to rewrite history.

Despite the obvious fact that the Coronavirus started in China, particularly in Wuhan, China, the Communist State is trying to rewrite history.

China is attempting to blame the U.S., spreading a rumour claiming the US military spread it in China.

The first victims of China’s lies were their own citizens, the brave Chinese doctors and journalists who tried to warn of the Coronavirus while it was still possible to stop. Instead of listening, China’s government threw them in prison, threatened them, and punished them.

They even refused an offer of help from the US Center for Disease Control months ago.

And now, the victims of China’s government have spread.

The victims spread through Wuhan, throughout China, and now, throughout the world.

The cost could be tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of lives, trillions of dollars lost, perhaps millions of job losses, and widespread economic devastation.

The world is being destabilized, health systems are at risk of crumbling, and our lives have been overturned.

What this shows is that being dependent on China has two massive risks.

First, there is the clear health risk. With China unwilling to share the truth on viruses spreading in their nation, allowing endless open travel between our nation and China is far too dangerous.

Second, there is the economic risk. Being dependent on China economically means we are dependent on a dishonest, hostile state for many things we need here at home – things we could be producing within our own country.

This was all clear a long-time ago, and the Coronavirus Crisis has made it obvious beyond any doubt.

Canada must economically decouple from China, moving supply chains back into our own country and to our allies. We must rebuild our own manufacturing sector.

And – when the crisis is over – we cannot go back to how things were in terms of travel between Canada and China. We must dramatically reduce the number of Canada-China flights, and implement stringent health screening for all flights into our country from foreign countries.

We are all seeing that we cannot be reliant on China, and we must decouple from them, and any politician who argues against this cannot be trusted:

“Any Canadian politician who still doesn’t believe Canada must distance ourselves from China after all of this should be assumed to be on China’s payroll.”

Spencer Fernando