EXPLOITING A CRISIS: Liberal Government Seeking To Give Morneau Immense Power Over Taxation, Borrowing, & Spending Until December 2021

Concern of government overreach amid the crisis.

There are growing concerns of government overreaching in their power amid the CCP Coronavirus Crisis.

According to a report by Global News, the Liberal government is introducing legislation that would give Bill Morneau immense power over taxation, borrowing, and spending.

And rather than being limited to the initial phase of this crisis, it is set to last all the way until December of 2021:

“Global News has seen a copy of the legislation set to be tabled Tuesday when a small number of MPs from all parties return to Ottawa to pass a multibillion-dollar coronavirus support package.

The legislation grants Finance Minister Bill Morneau extraordinary new powers to spend, borrow and tax without having to get the approval of opposition MPs until December 2021.

The Canadian Constitution enshrines taxation as a power of the parliamentary branch.

Because of that, granting those powers to the federal cabinet alone is highly unusual – even the Emergency Powers Act does not do so.”

As noted by Global, “It also means many of the measures carried out under those new powers could take place without parliamentary debate and without the elected representatives of Canadians getting a chance to vote for or against the measures.”

This is massive overreach.

The Opposition has shown a willingness to work with the government and support crisis legislation. There is no need to give so much power to Morneau.

What this shows is that the Liberals are attempting to exploit this crisis in a disturbing power to transform their minority government into an unchallenged economic dictatorship.

That must not happen.

The Opposition must unite and vote against this overreach.

A crisis cannot be used to undermine our democracy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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War measures powers under the guise of our safety & actually war against the citizens actual rights….

richard taylor

TRudeau has lost a lot of peoples votes,the liberal party should be shut down


After reading this, WHOEVER thinks that Trudeau isn’t setting up Canada to be under far reaching Liberal dictatorship are simply fools….HOW can a minority government get this much power ?!!!!!


PS: Remember that Trudeau passed Bail-In legislation in 2016. That allows Banks to seize all out account balances and investments and issue fake Bank shares. Trudeau has been planning this for years.

shawn harris

Trudeau continues to do as he has done from the start of his reign as PM, promising Canadians the most open and transparent government ever, and then proceeds to do just whatever he wants. Including this corrupt piece of legislation , that has nothing to do with solving the coronavirus crisis. If anything this legislation, highlights perfectly Trudeau’s enormous love of China’s basic form of Communist dictatorship. And mirroring China’s form of governance, absolute power, without worrying about such fundamental things like accountability,rule of law, democracy and a free market economy, Trudeau is wholeheartedly endorsing a Canadian version of communist… Read more »


wow this is going way too far time a incompetent vote was called !!!


Prime Minister is still in his grandiose mood.Opposition must put their foot down firm and not let him get away with anything.This man just does not get it.He is not Napoleon Bonaparte but just an ordinary politician.


Real nice. But not surprising.

Martin Schotte

Should the Canadian Electorate grant any more Executive Power to any minister in a minorityParliament via decision of any minority Partisan MP. CPC may just as well cancel their Leadership convention if this granted.
Canadian “Democratic Government” is already a badly eroded term.
Any language experiences change of meaning of key and minor words. In a functional, minority elected
Parliament only Canadian Prime Ministers may act dictatorially under limited conditions.
One step short of a TROIKA ought not to be made any easier. Plurality be damned.


The end of the world environment gospel tax couldn’t get them where their one world agendas needed them to be so the CCP virus (and according to the media the CCP business are up and running at full speed again) has all the worlds huge debts and given full media attention as the UN and CCP paid puppets get ready to take control. I sure hope this is not so. We all know how unstable Bill Morneau is.

Arie Intveld

“A crisis cannot be used to undermine our democracy.”

It already has. And now the Socialists-who-call-themselves-Liberals will hand the keys for the treasury to a shyster. Morneau is gonna need much bigger pockets once he can five-finger discount everything without any interference.

David MacKAY

The abysmally leaderless Canadian Conservatives gave Justin Trudeau the largest leftist majority in Canadian history. Today their is no coherent opposition, The Canadian MSM is funded by the Liberal Government and Justin Trudeau is not accountable unless there is another election. This is not over reach – this is what a Dictator grants to himself. No member of the elected Liberal party can criticize this or they will be sued into Bankruptcy by Trudeau – they agreed to this penalty as a condition of running in the election – Why do you think former AG Raybold is so silent? Trudeau… Read more »

Dan Mancuso

Oh, and what opposition is that?!

W Carter

Talk about a slimy government! Only trudo, morno and other wannabe dictators would try something so disgusting during a pandemic!


This Cannot be allowed. The concept idea is so absurd , and unreal it is almost unbelievable, but then you go back to its source. This government is the most corrupt, evil, incompetent government in Canadian history. Thank goodness for the opposition and for Spencer Fernando for standing strong.


I’ve seen bill Moreau in interviews and you can’t get a single straight answer out of the guy, he’s evasive and deflective, when a person is always so unwilling to answer any question truthfully and with respect to the person asking the question then his character speaks for itself, he obviously has an alternative agenda and is manipulating the situation to his agenda whatever that may be, I find this liberal government to be very power hungry, and that’s scary, I don’t find them to be upholding our freedoms but infringing on them, if that’s ignorance or something else it’s… Read more »