Debacle: Federal Wage Subsidy Plan Descends Into Confusion & Chaos

Finance Minister Bill Morneau had planned a press conference to announce the measures. It was postponed, with serious doubts emerging over how it will actually work.

Many business across Canada felt very hopeful when the government announced an upcoming wage subsidy program, to help offset some of the economic destruction being caused by the CCP Coronavirus.

Yet, the program has descended into confusion and chaos.

As noted by Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre, the plan appears to not be legal, and will require substantial changes to address the confusion:

“1/3 Parliament will need to be recalled to salvage the government’s wage subsidy promise. Trudeau’s announcement is not legal under the law his government wrote last week. Morneau probably just realized that and that’s why he suddenly cancelled his press conference.”

“2/3 Trudeau said a company must have lost 30% of revenue to qualify for the wage subsidy. That is not in the law his government wrote. Trudeau said “all employers” will get help.”

“3/3 But public companies–which are among the largest employers in Canada–are not eligible under the law his government wrote. Trudeau also said employers that cannot afford to pay 25% of the wage will still get the 75% subsidy. That is not in the law his government wrote.”

So, the Liberal government yet again seems to be slow to act, and even good things they’ve announced are being botched.

Amid such a large crisis, Canada can not afford incompetence and delays.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube