Government Projects Up To 22,000 Canadian Deaths From CCP Coronavirus

At the lower end, 11,000 deaths are predicted. At the high end, 44,000 could die.

After long delays and intense criticism for the lack of transparency, the federal government has finally released their Coronavirus death models.

The low end figure of deaths is 11,000 Canadians, based on 2.5% of the population contracting the CCP Coronavirus, 934,000 people getting sick, 73,000 being hospitalized, and 23,000 going into intensive care.

The higher-end figure is 22,000 deaths, with 1,879,000 getting the virus, 146,000 being hospitalized, and 46,000 going into intensive care.

The government figures also note that if 10% of Canadians are infected, 44,000 people could die.

And in the worst case scenario – which is unlikely because it’s based on no social distancing whatsoever, 80% of the population would be infected, and 300,000 would die.

Again, that worst case scenario is extremely unlikely, since much social distancing has already taken place.

Because many Canadians have taken action to protect themselves and their fellow Citizens – despite contradictory and often flat-out incorrect advice from Theresa Tam & Patty Hajdu – Canada may be able to avoid the more serious scenarios.

Still, until a vaccine is achieved, cycles of locking down, opening up, and locking down again are likely if we want to prevent a dangerous second wave.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube