Rosemary Barton Defends Trudeau Again, Criticizes Poilievre Tweet About Media Bias

Once again Barton does the job of the PMO comms department.

Despite already being seen as incredibly biased by millions of Canadians, Rosemary Barton continues to act more like the PMO communications department than like someone who is supposed to be a neutral public broadcaster.

After Pierre Poilievre accurately described how the media is trying to protect Trudeau from accountability, Barton pushed back:

“Media is ramping up a campaign to protect Trudeau from accountability sessions. They know he can’t handle tough questions. He left the borders open to 2000 people from COVID hotspots & giving away our medical stockpiles. No wonder he is hiding from questions.”

Strangely, Barton called Poilievre’s accurate claims “ridiculous.”

“This is ridiculous. We are doing story after story to hold the govt to account on a daily basis. Pot shots take away from your legitimate questions.”

The only ridiculous thing here is Barton once again failing to recognize the job of the media. The media is supposed to speak the truth and hold the powerful to account. Instead, Barton acts like she’s trying to defend the government, and attack the Opposition.

If that’s the job Barton wants to do, she should simply apply at the PMO for a communications director job. I’m sure they’d be glad to have her, and she would be able to be as biased as she wants, without subjecting us to the ongoing farce of having to pay for someone to pretend to be neutral as they push government spin.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter