REPORT: Liberal Government Dramatically Slashed Emergency Medical Stockpile

The number of sites, and overall funding was slashed, even as the government ran massive budget deficits.

A new report indicates that the Trudeau Liberal government had dramatically slashed Canada’s emergency medical stockpile ahead of the CCP Coronavirus Pandemic.

According to the Globe & Mail, funding for the stockpile was raised from $19.8 million in 2012, to $71.8 million in 2014, demonstrating a large increase in preparedness under the Conservative government.

Then, the Liberals slashed the funding, dropping it by millions down to $54.9 million last year.

Even worse, the number of Canadian cities with stockpiles was slashed from 9 cities two years ago, to just 6 cities now.

So, the Liberals slashed millions from the stockpile budget, and cut the stockpile cities by a whopping 33%.

Then, this same government told us the “risk was low,” and said “Canada was prepared,” despite the fact that their own actions devastated our preparedness.

Now, we’re in the situation of being pathetically reliant on China for the supplies the Liberal government slashed.

Amid all of this, Canadians are left to wonder why the hell this funding was slashed when the Liberals had been on a massive spending spree over the last four years.

How could so much money have been spent, yet some of the most basic and important functions of government were cut.

An absolute debacle and total incompetence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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chris brown

I can’t wait to vote for him again. He’s so compassionate and loving, you can just hear it in his voice. And smart too, especially his dealings with China and the way he shows-up Trump all the time. He has handled this latest crisis with such expertise, making all the right moves just in time to save Canada. Baaaaa, baaaaa, oh guide me great one.

chris brown

And if you thought that Canadians couldn’t possibly be that stupid, think again. His poll numbers are the highest they’ve ever been