Member Of Federal Task Force Says World Lost “Two To Three Weeks” Because WHO Was “Too Deferential” To China

This is the exact kind of criticism that the Liberals have previously called ‘conspiracy theories’ and ‘racist.’

As the Liberals try to demonize anyone who ‘dares’ to question the WHO, it turns out that a member of the federal government COVID-19 Immunity Task Force is raising those same questions.

Speaking to CBC, Dr. David Naylor said the world lost a significant amount of time in dealing with the crisis, because the WHO was too deferential to China:

“I think they were a little too deferential. They knew from SARS-1 that there had been problems with incomplete reporting. I think we lost two to three weeks and I think that’s regrettable, and I think that will come to light when a review is done.”

Notably, Dr. Theresa Tam is on the same panel as Dr. Naylor.

Tam also works for the WHO.

Naylor’s remarks are what many people have been saying for some time, that the WHO failed to react in time, because it was listening to China, rather than listening to the facts.

Those lost weeks can now be counted in the loss of thousands of innocent lives, and unprecedented economic destruction.

It is now simply a fact that many more Canadians have died than would have died otherwise because of the failure of the WHO and the failure of those who trusted the WHO.

Yet, the government is still absurdly telling us to ‘trust’ the WHO, even as a member of their own task force points out how the WHO let us all down.

Spencer Fernando

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