Michael Moore’s ‘Planet Of The Humans’ Represents Growing Working Class Backlash To Elitist ‘Environmental Left’

The left once supported good manufacturing and energy jobs, until that was replaced with anti-job radical ‘environmentalism.’ Now, the backlash is building.

Michael Moore has surprised many with his recent ‘Planet of the Humans’ film, which slams the ‘green energy’ movement and exposes much of the hypocrisy among the elitist left environmentalists.

Yet, when you look at Moore’s career, it’s not really a surprise.

Moore’s big break into fame started with his film Roger & Me, which showed the horrendous damage caused by GM shutting down the factory in his town of Flint, Michigan. That damage was repeated across North America, including many parts of Canada, as corporations shipped production to cheap labour countries, devastating communities, slashing wages in North America, and hollowing out our manufacturing capacity.

Moore represents what the left used to be, focused on defending the rights of workers, pushing for high-wage secure manufacturing jobs, and believing that infrastructure, production, and job creation were good things.

While many people who consider themselves to be on the left still believe that, the elites in charge of left-wing political parties no longer think that way. Instead, they have embraced radical ‘environmentalism’ which ironically just so happens to coincide with the anti-development, anti-manufacturing agenda of the corporations who want to ship everything off to China and cheap labour nations while crippling Western production.

So, with his Planet of the Humans documentary, Moore is sticking by his roots.

What we are seeing is the growing backlash among many traditional leftists towards the takeover of their parties and movements by out-of-touch anti-worker elites. Ironically, there is a growing convergence between the working-class base of Conservative parties, and the views of traditional leftists, both of whom recognize that strong national manufacturing, tariffs, and domestic production are essential to both economic success and national security.

As a result of this growing awareness, the radical far-left elites are desperate to discredit Moore’s latest film, because they realize how much it exposes their dangerous agenda.

Just consider how Gerald Butts reacted:


Clearly, Moore is on the right track, and his message is an important step in ensuring that the betrayal of the Western world’s working class People finally comes to an end.

You can watch Planet of the Humans below:

Spencer Fernando

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