CBC Goes Full CCP Propaganda Mode, Attacks Chinese Newspaper For Criticizing Chinese Communist Party

Canada’s state-run broadcaster is now saying that it’s ‘racist’ for even Chinese People to criticize China.

Just when you think identity politics and CCP Propaganda can’t get more absurd and insidious, it gets worse.

CBC is now attacking the Epoch Times newspaper – a paper founded by Chinese People – for attacking the Chinese Communist Party.

The Epoch Times sent out a special edition of their paper, discussing how the Chinese Communist Party Cover-up endangered the world.

This is how CBC reported it:

“The Epoch Times, a free newspaper typically found in street boxes, is coming under fire for advancing a conspiracy theory about the origin of the coronavirus — and putting it straight into people’s mailboxes unsolicited.

Some Canadians who received it by mail and a postal carrier who says he is forced to deliver it are angry over a special eight-page edition of the paper exploring the idea that the virus that causes COVID-19 was created as a biological weapon and arguing it should be called “the CCP virus,” a reference to the Chinese Communist Party.”

And of course, despite the Epoch Times itself being a newspaper founded by Chinese People, CBC went the ‘racist’ route:

“Armstrong was also worried the issue’s anti-Communist Party messaging could inflame racial tensions in Canada during the pandemic.

“It really feels racist and inflammatory,” Armstrong said. “And right now, we’re all scared. We’re all vulnerable. We don’t know what’s going to happen next. Then somebody that starts playing on those fears, [it’s] a very dangerous thing to do at this time.”‘

There it is folks.

CBC straight up pushing the idea that ‘anti-Communist Party’ messaging is racism.


This is exactly the propaganda line pushed by the Chinese Communist Party. Only fools would do the bidding of the CCP, or those corrupted by it. Whichever category CBC is in, it’s very dangerous for Canadians for our own nation to be subverted by CCP propaganda from within.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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This is the kind of drivel that they can print since they’ve disabled reader comments. I’m Canadian and I for one am not upset!

alan skelhorne

cbc -trudeau, means the end of canada, and if you don,t believe that, oh well c,est la vie


As long as we all “quarantine” and sit at home, worried and in panic and fear, with our jobs and food slowly disappearing, with our post national state, one world government, collapsing our country around us, while most of us know that almost all our media is lies and propaganda and we will never know the real truth but we also know if we are paying attention that this is a CCP attack on the world, and life will never be the same unless we do something like figure out what is true and get a strong Canadian leader to… Read more »


Nancy funny you are saying we have to figure out and get strong Canadian leader.Over 30 years ago we were talking at work who is going to protect Canadian worker in the future.One of the workers said Justin will,and we all believed that Justin will be the man.How wrong we were.He is the worst of all.I would have given my life for him at that time.What has happened to him?


Bruno, the media has been lying for a long time, PE Trudeau was a better liar than his spawn, he even kept promising to legalize pot and never did, but he was in the Communist Party of Canada before becoming a LIEberalCommunist. PET did a lot of damage to our country, and so his spawn Justine continues.

Eric Blair

Free newspaper… I think not. It was free once but not anymore. I subscribe to it and I paid about $180 for a year’s subscription and it is well worth it. Many of the articles about China are written by Chinese people so the paper has some credibility. I also subscribe to the Rebel and Spencer of coarse plus I go to Gatestone website to round off my world view. This CBC smear of Epoch Times was quarterbacked from the PMO who were told to do something by the CCP via their ambassador in Ottawa. CBC just follows orders from… Read more »

Major Tom

The TNN (Trudeau News Network) strikes again !!!


Uhhh last time I checked the evil murderous Chinese Communist Party was NOT a race that is unless your calling the CCP a race of demons that regularly murder through forced live organ harvesting from Chinese citizens, who also eat the flesh of aborted babies from Chinese citizens, and imprison millions of people annually for their faith, and destroy churches of all denominations, and during the course of their history have causes the unnatural deaths of their own citizenry-the Chinese people. So you mean that race?


The COMMUNIST BROADCASTING CORPORATION is coming out of the closet now and that should be a good thing for all who were not already enlightened.

David Henley

If Canadians just sit and watch the country turn into a communist state, they don’t have a clue what is waiting for them. Seems they had life far to easy and just think it is just another political party. Sorry for the rude awaking. The children and grandchildren are going to suffer as a result of your inaction.


What more could we expect from the CBC? Their twisted sense of the world is appalling. Do taxpayers need to continue to pay for the dangerous messages they dish out? I think not. Let’s ditch the CBC for good.