Conservatives Blow It With Tone-Deaf Critique Of CERB

An immense misreading of the political and economic situation.

There’s something called reading the room.

Even if you might have a good point to make, sometimes it’s not the time or place to make it.

And the Conservatives are making that mistake right now.

Outgoing Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has been critiquing the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, pushing for what he calls a “gradual reduction” of the CERB to incentivize work.

Now, Scheer may actually have a decent idea, but it’s going over like a lead balloon.

Right now, the economy is in shambles, unemployment is through the roof, many business and jobs are being destroyed, and people are afraid.

Trudeau is going around handing money out to people – like most government’s around the world are – and unsurprisingly his poll numbers have surged.

So, for Scheer and the Conservatives to push for a reduction in benefits is shockingly tone-deaf, and gives the Liberals some juicy clips for future campaign ads.

The Conservatives would be far better served by backing support for Canadians, while exposing the incompetence of the government on the issue of border closures.

By attacking (or being perceived to attack) a benefit that many people are relying on to afford food and rent, the Conservatives are failing to read the room, and providing a free lane for the Liberals to slam them.

Yet again, it seems that certain upper echelons of the Conservative Party still haven’t realized that they need to be a populist party that focuses on taking care of the Canadian People, rather than pushing the same old messaging that has failed time and time again.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube