Butts Pushing New Movement

A new group is pushing for an environmental focus when Canada rebuilds after CCP Virus economic devastation.

Butts is back.

Former principal advisor to Justin Trudeau Gerald Butts is part of a new movement called the ‘task force on a resilient recovery’.

The group – which includes environmentalists and some former politicians/bureaucrats such as a former official in BC Premier John Horgan’s office, a former policy director for Ontario Premier Doug Ford, and Butts.

The group – anticipating massive government stimulus spending – is seeking to direct funding to what they see as parts of the economy key to building a ‘green economy.’

The group has not made final recommendations, but among some initial ideas are plans to help people afford retrofits to homes and commercial buildings, expanding hydrogen production in Alberta, and more funding for municipal transit systems.

To be fair, those ideas sound decent enough.

However, the problem will be if the group seeks to use the CCP Virus Crisis as a pretext for pushing for the destruction of Canada’s oil & gas sector. Oil will still be necessary for a very long time, and having a strong energy sector is essential to Canada’s national security and financial prosperity.

If the government fails to support the energy sector, Canada will be a much poorer, and more vulnerable nation.

Now, it remains to be seen whether this new group will be focused on good ideas that can help all Canadians, or on playing political games that further divides our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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james isnor

We all know by now why its called $green$. Delusional. Lets make a deal. When Butts and his minions start eliminating ALL petroleum products from their life then I will send them a carrier pigeon message agreeing to follow their lead


Every time a rocket takes off through earths atmosphere we loose precious water with it. All the products that were Freon free etc. to help protect earths ozone layer are now causing the same and worse pollution destroying the ozone layer. All the pseudo science these agendas bring forward seem to be even more destructive, just a way for the rich to get richer. Look at what Butts/lieberals did to Ontario.


Oh and I forgot to mention we need (according to Lieberals) way more immigration to build all this, I guess Canadians will still be out of work with a lot more people pollution Canada really really does not need. Canada was doing way better without more and more extra people, think back, crowded countries are poorer countries with less human rights.

Steve Richards

Energy East should be the first project started and completed with any government stimulus money. Plain and simple no discussion, start pushing the idea everywhere.

Ruth Bard

If they want Wexit sooner rather than later, they’re going about it the right way.


Let the greenies show us the alternatives to oil and gas, but there arent any that are practical as yet, so oil and gas are here to stay for a while.