“Hong Kong As We Understood It Has Died”: Chinese Communist Party Decimating Hong Kong’s Democracy

New National Security Law being imposed directly on Hong Kong, destroying the idea of ‘One Country, Two Systems’ that China was supposed to abide by.

China continues to use the Coronavirus Crisis they caused to push their brutal authoritarianism on the world.

Now, China is moving to destroy Hong Kong’s democracy.

Under the ‘One Country, Two Systems,’ Hong Kong was supposed to have a wide degree of autonomy until at least 2047.

Yet, the Chinese Communist Party has betrayed that agreement, and are now pushing a new national security law that will impose more centralized control on Hong Kong.

As noted by reporter Melissa Chan, Hong Kong will no longer be the same:

“Hong Kong as we understood it has died. If you know anyone from Hong Kong, or whose family came from Hong Kong, understand today is a day like no other, and that a part of our hearts have died. If you’re in a position to, send them your love, support, and courage.”

Up until recently, Hong Kong enjoyed freedoms similar to those found in democratic nations, including a relatively free press, the right to protest, and open elections for many local leadership positions.

But now, all of that is being taken away. There has already been a crackdown on the free press, the new national security law could eliminate the right to protest, and CCP thugs blocked pro-democracy lawmakers from entering the legislature during a recent vote.

Now, Hong Kong citizens could be subject to arbitrary arrest and detention in mainland China, where human rights are non-existent.

It’s a dark day for all of us who cherish freedom and liberty, and it’s more evidence that the Chinese Communist Party is the enemy of free People everywhere.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter