Patty Hajdu BLOCKS Theresa Tam From Answering Question On Emergency Medical Stockpile Shortage

What is the Liberal government hiding?

Dr. Theresa Tam has received much well-earned criticism for her handling (mishandling) of the CCP Coronavirus Crisis.

Her advice has shifted repeatedly, and it often seemed she was focused on political correctness rather than on the measures necessary to protect Canadians.

That said, Patty Hajdu has arguably been worse.

Not only has Hajdu been wrong on literally every aspect of the virus response, but she seems unable to even acknowledge her repeated mistakes. At least Tam has admitted the government should have shut the borders earlier, whereas Hajdu had claimed border controls in a pandemic ’cause harm,’ one of the dumbest statements of all time.

And now, it’s even worse.

During a meeting of the government operations committee, NDP MP Matthew Green asked Tam if she had advised the government on the emergency national medical stockpile being underfunded.

Then, stunningly, Hajdu interjected, blocking Tam from answering and saying it was ‘confidential.’

“At gov’t operations committee NDP MP Matthew Green asks Dr. Tam if she ever advised the gov’t that the national stockpile was underfunded or not properly mandated to stock PPE, Health Min Hajdu interjects before Dr. Tam answers, says cabinet discussions are confidential.”

As many have noted, if the answer to this question was at all good for the Liberals, it already would have been reported.

Hajdu is clearly hiding something here.

And we can easily suspect what that is.

The incompetence of the government, particularly in their claims that they were ‘prepared’ and then being forced to desperately try to grab up any bit of personal protective equipment they could get after giving a bunch to China, leads us to believe the government knew the stockpile was insufficient and failed to take action.

By hiding the truth from Canadians, Hajdu only deepens the incompetence and disgrace she has shown in her role.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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richard taylor

The LIEBERAL party does it again


I cannot even name one Liberal MP who is NOT CORRUPT, UNDERHANDED or a LIAR like their Stupid Leader!


I am astounded at these so called ‘leaders’ who continue to prevaricate and lie when what is required are the facts and the truth, especially about how the Liberal cabal has mishandled this entire fiasco and Trudeau’s naive complicity with, and kow towing, to China. Where are the ‘two Michael’s Trudeau?!! Do your job and get them re-repatriated and get the hell away from your damn cottage and back into parliament where you should be, even tho’ it’s not a place where you necessarily belong!

Guy-Paul Roy

More Carriers down the Tube as to please Justin. I never thought a house could have that many Morons. Is Justin a sociopath?


It would be better for minister Hajdu to work in her own proffesion.The problem with liberal government is they put wrong people in wrong positions of power.


Hadju has been UNQUALIFIED for the Position of “Minister of Health” from Day One. She knows NOTHING about Health or Health Issues. Hadju has been Nothing more than a Parrot, Repeating all the Horrible Advice from Theresa Tam, and the WHO. Theresa Tam sits on the Board of the WHO, which is an accomplice of Corrupt Communist China. The WHO was told by China to lie to the World and tell the World that there was No Human to Human Transmission with this Virus. Hadju repeated this lie to Canadians! Hadju also told Canadians that the Covid19 did not Recognize… Read more »


There is NO Qualified Liberal MP for any Position in Government.They are all CORRUPT and PATHOLOGICAL LIARS, and Adhering to the Demands of their Corrupt Leader in Destroying Canada!

shawn harris

Trudeau’s cabinet members are just a perfect reflection of who Trudeau is. A liar. After all, a lie is halfway around the world before the truth has put on it’s pants. Trudeau is more comfortable telling lie after lie than he is telling the truth to everyone, that he and his government weren’t prepared for the corona virus.


It is the Chinese virus it came from China, people need to tell like it is. Trudeau and the liberal government are corrupt they, are selling our country to China.


The libs operate like a mafia.

Ruth Dyck

Whatever happened to the open govt promised by Trudeau in his first term? They have done nothing but hide from all questions.

old white guy

This has been no more fatal than the seasonal flu, in FACT, not as fatal. The insanity has to stop before the country is destroyed. 330,000 fatalities world wide is not a pandemic. It was not considered a pandemic when 3,177,204 died from the seasonal flu in 2018. What is wrong with people today. My freedom does not end where your fear begins.

Lynne Mayotte

They are both terrible, just as every person sitting in this Trudeau Administration is terrible. You just can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. If the one on top is inadequate, why would you expect anyone he hires to be better than him?


Hajdu is a female version of Trudeau but has nice hair. To hell with free speech.