Disgraceful: Despite Immense Government Spending Elsewhere, Liberals Refusing To Expand Aid For Canada’s Farmers

The government has accurately realized that large-scale spending is needed to stop the economy from collapsing in the short-term, so why the hell are they shortchanging farmers?

Governments around the world, including the Liberal government in Canada, have followed a very similar policy to one another: Immense government spending to make up for the gigantic collapse in private demand.

The various policies are designed to get money in the hands of individuals, families, and businesses, to prevent a total economy collapse as many people stay home and the economy is disrupted.

And getting people the help they need is 100% the right thing to do.

Which is what makes the recent Liberal pushback against providing more aid to farmers so insane.

There are few sectors of the economy that are as essential as Canada’s agriculture sector. After all, if we can’t eat, nothing else really matters.

There is no ‘Canadian economy’ without the agriculture sector, and there is no ‘national security’ without food security.

Yet, even as the Liberals push tons of money out the door, they are telling farmers to use existing funds, rather than provide more support.

According to a recent report, “Farmers, growers and producers need to tap into current agricultural support programs to help with the fallout from COVID-19 before any more money can flow from the Liberal government, federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau says.”

Keep in mind, Bibeau isn’t talking about new programs, she’s claiming that existing programs – the ones in place before the CCP Coronavirus Crisis – are enough.

Meanwhile, in almost every other possible area, the Liberals are massively expanding government support.

Compared to many others, farmers have received a paltry amount of government help, despite how important agriculture is to our nation.

At this point, we can only conclude that politics are behind this failure to help our farmers in this desperate hour:

“Never has it been more clear who tends to vote Conservative and who tends to vote for the Liberals. Students get billions to stay home, farmers get told to work harder and tighten their belts. Seniors get told to hurry up and die!”

And, as if this isn’t bad enough, the failure to help our farmers could leave many farms open to a takeover by Communist China, giving that ruthless regime even more control over our food supply and betraying our national security.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gary Major



What happens when farmers go bankrupt?
Foreign money can buy them up at bargain prices.
Our monetary policies makes it illegal for us to feed ourselves, exemptions being our native communities.

Bryan Minnes

Trudeau has it all figured out, …as he explains it, “Canada does need farmers, Canada has grocery stores”.

Dianne Adams

And farmers have to pay to display their goods – phooey to that, fresh is much better!

Tieme Bergman

Governments around the world want to control food production and by allowing farmers to go bankrupt they will be able to gain control of the agricultural section. It’s all part of a one world government plan per agenda 21.

Dianne Adams

The farmers should all open up massive farmer’s markets everywhere, ignoring the supermarkets and the fees they have to pay to put their product in the stores! Farmers keep us all alive – let’s do the same for them. Set it up and advertise them all and they will come!