Butts Expels More Crap

The former top aide to Justin Trudeau apologizes after being slammed for a horrible map he shared insulting the United States.

Gerald Butts – formerly a top aide to Justin Trudeau – is apologizing after being slammed for one of his recent Tweets.

He Tweeted out a ‘joke’ map of the United States, which features some truly horrible names for American states and regions, including referring to Alaska as ‘Rape Central.’

Here’s what Butts Tweeted:

This is the kind of disgusting elitism we often see from the Liberals, who love insulting our closest ally while sucking up to Communist China.

Butts and the Liberals constantly complain about ‘bigotry,’ but then show bigoted attitudes themselves while expecting to get a free pass.

After a massive backlash, Butts was forced to delete the Tweet:


Of course, we know very well that the same leftist elites who love slamming the USA would be the first to beg for America’s help if Canada was ever attacked by a country like China.

Canada must stand with our allies, and the more fools like Butts insult our friends, the more isolated Canada becomes in a dangerous and divided world.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I don’t believe for a moment that Butts didn’t look at the map carefully. And if he’s mortified – people with no conscience are, as a rule, never mortified – it’s because he got caught, not because he sees the map as insulting.

Ron Shaw

A “butt” racist there Butt Head ! Now resign !
Redneck lives matter . Westerners deserve better , Separation is now the answer to liberal western slander and disrespect of every western Canadian .

Greg Alberta

If Butts looked at the map and wasn’t disgusted, I would think he thought it was an accurate portrayal of the US. He then passed it on to others. Butts needs to be banned from the Liberal party and expelled as one of Trudeau’s top advisors. This map is definitely hate literature in my mind and Butts approved of it. Remove Butts Now!

Guy-Paul Roy

There is a reason why they call him BUTT.

Eric Blair

Somebody please send this to Fox News and Tucker Carlson in particular. Would love to see the reaction from Trump on this one. We know trudeau is afraid of Trump as per former Australian PM recent book so this coming from trudeau’s former principal secretary (and most probably still advising trudeau ) is indeed something that will make trudeau afraid, very afraid of Trump.

Moe S.

I bet Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson who has no love for Trudeau or his cabinet fools would appreciate a copy of this map to show Americans how Trudeau’s BFF really thinks about them.


This is beyond bizarre. He’s truly losing touch with where he belongs in this world and it’s looking like politics is quickly becoming a no man’s land for him. What an idiot. He needs to go away.


The problem is that many in the east agree with much of what he said in his tweet & see nothing wrong with it. They give him a free pass as though it’s nothing. Had this been a sidekick or aide of a conservative the media & the left would be screaming about it on the news as the headline story for weeks until that person was removed.
I’m amazed at the electorate in the east who blindly follow the liberal propaganda & lies & continually re-elect liberals.

eric neron

For your info peopLe in the east that voted for Trudeau are not the French from Quebec but immigrants for whom Trudeau opened the frontiers

Richard Courtemanche

Think first then you won’t have to pretend apologizing

Major Tom

The Enemies Within……

Joe pigeon

Anyone who supports Butts just shows how much of a traitor they are to Canada. He is as evil as if not more evil than his boss Trudeau the dictator lying hypocrite.


I thought Butts was gone, and now this ? WTF ?

Ray Shogan

back room talk from the boys in charge