Butts Expels More Crap

The former top aide to Justin Trudeau apologizes after being slammed for a horrible map he shared insulting the United States.

Gerald Butts – formerly a top aide to Justin Trudeau – is apologizing after being slammed for one of his recent Tweets.

He Tweeted out a ‘joke’ map of the United States, which features some truly horrible names for American states and regions, including referring to Alaska as ‘Rape Central.’

Here’s what Butts Tweeted:

This is the kind of disgusting elitism we often see from the Liberals, who love insulting our closest ally while sucking up to Communist China.

Butts and the Liberals constantly complain about ‘bigotry,’ but then show bigoted attitudes themselves while expecting to get a free pass.

After a massive backlash, Butts was forced to delete the Tweet:

Of course, we know very well that the same leftist elites who love slamming the USA would be the first to beg for America’s help if Canada was ever attacked by a country like China.

Canada must stand with our allies, and the more fools like Butts insult our friends, the more isolated Canada becomes in a dangerous and divided world.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube