WATCH: Justin Trudeau Says Canada Isn’t Greatest Country In The World, But “Could Be.” So, Which Country Does He Think Is Better?


In his Canada Day video, Justin Trudeau said something that is raising serious questions.

In the video, Trudeau said “what makes Canada special is not that Canadians know that this is the best country in the world – it’s that we know it could be.”

You can watch the comment here (around 3:00 minutes into the video):

“What makes Canada special is not that Canadians know that this is the best country in the world – it’s that we know it could be. We know our work together is not yet done. Watch Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mrs. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s #CanadaDay remarks”

Of course, that raises the following question:

What country does Justin Trudeau think is better?

Considering his past praise for the Communist State, perhaps Trudeau thinks its China?

Who knows.

The fact that Trudeau can’t simply bring himself to say Canada is the best country in the world shows his continued pandering to the growing radical left movement that is seeking to wipe out our history and demonize our country.

The political elites clearly think they can win over the radicals with some pandering, but that never works. They will always demand more and more and more, and talking down our own country only emboldens them to do more damage.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Rob O'Gorman

And we CHOOSE not to have you as our Prime Minister! That is the only matter that needs to be enacted (vs reconciled).

Thomas Tass

These comments of his make his leadership of Canada fatal for the country.

Sandra Clark

I would like to know why these two think we have to “rebuild” our Country. There was nothing wrong with it until 2015 and all the major damage has been done since he was voted PM.


I guess the puppetmaster Butts has stuck his nose in, again. Pm empty head can only lie, deny and have a teachable moment.

Brian Dougan

Canada “could be” the “greatest country in the world.” Absolutely. Once Trudeau and his ilk quit hamstringing its potential.

Moe S.

The Canadian taxpayers money has been good enough for this Prince of Fools to have lived off his entire life. The $900 million he just gave away to WE and all the other millions of taxpayers money he has spent on his pet projects has been good enough, however, Canadians citizens as a people are not good enough. He’s an arrogant snob.


Why do I feel like screaming every time I hear his smarmy voice? We, we, we….we have work to do on so many issues but we have Trudeau ripping our country apart. We’re desperately working to find employment to pay our bills and Sophie and Justin are not helping in any way. Their words are empty and meaningless. They’re all about being celebrities but have nothing of substance to offer Canadians.

mark warren

How does someone make contact with the leader of the Base?


Trudeau must be voted out by non confidence vote at all cost.He is selling Canada out to Communist China.Communisam is not friend of Canada but an enemy.Trudeau should be removed for his traitors agreements with communist China.

Duke of Paducah

Unfortunately, the Leftists in opposition will never vote against him. I’m not so sure the Cons would either. Birds of a feather, etc.