China Issues New Threats Against Canada

Also ‘warns’ their Citizens about travelling here.

With nearly the entire world turning against China, and with even previously pro-China governments in the UK turning against the CCP regime on multiple issues, China continues to escalate their threats against basically everyone.

China’s aggression has become so undeniable that even politicians like Justin Trudeau – who was so desperate to give in to China and sell Canada out – are being forced to push back.

With the Trudeau government having made some good decisions lately on China, including ending extradition deals with Hong Kong, ending exports of military equipment to the city, and Trudeau refusing to make ‘deal’ with China by releasing Meng Wanzhou in exchange for Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor.

And now, China is issuing further threats to Canada.

China’s foreign ministry said “China condemns that and reserves the right to make further responses. All consequences shall be borne by the Canadian side.”

Hilariously, China is also ‘warning’ their citizens about travel to Canada, due “frequent” police violence and protests.

It’s a usual tactic by China, to claim that anything going wrong in the Western world is somehow equivalent to China’s horrendous crimes against their own people.

It is expected that China will continue issuing threats against Canada, our allies, and any nation that challenges them. In just the past week, they’ve issued threatening or aggressive statements towards the United States, India, the UK, Australia, and more.

Despite those threats, Canadians and our allies must stand against the brutal CCP regime. Strength is our greatest asset.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube