The Scandal Deepens: Trudeau Failed To Recuse Himself From Decision To Give WE Charity Massive Contract

As more info emerges, it looks worse and worse for Trudeau.

The WE Charity Scandal is deepening.

With the government already flailing around in their effort to ‘justify’ the debacle, the more information that emerges the more it looks even worse.

First, a cabinet minister said that the decision to end the WE contract was ‘mutual.’

Yet, Trudeau has repeatedly said that WE made the decision.

So, which is it?

And now, we’ve learned that Justin Trudeau failed to recuse himself from the decision to award the contract to the charity:

“BREAKING: PM Justin Trudeau says cabinet made the final decision on awarding WE Charity the contract to administer the student volunteer grants and despite his family’s ties to the charity, he did not recuse himself from that decision.”

This means Trudeau was directly a part of a decision to give control of a nearly $1 BILLION government program over to a charity with close ties to himself and his family.

That is clearly unethical.

It’s why the Ethics Commissioner is investigating, and it’s why the scandal isn’t going away. Trudeau has completely misused his position yet again, showing that he always places his own interests ahead of the interests of the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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