HYPOCRITE HAJDU: Propaganda Patty Took Multiple Flights To Visit Her Family, While Telling Us “Do Not Go Visit Your Family”

Do these fools really think we won’t realize how much contempt they have for us?

Patty Hajdu is already widely regarded as a failure as health minister, with her advice being repeatedly contradicted, reversed, and discredited throughout the CCP Virus Crisis.

Yet, she has turned out to be a bigger hypocrite than we imagined.

Turns out, Hajdu was taking government-chartered flights to fly between Ottawa and Thunder Bay to see her family, at the same time she and the Trudeau government were telling us we couldn’t do the same:

As reported by Blacklock’s, “Health Minister Patricia Hajdu repeatedly flew home by government aircraft on weekends while advising Canadians not to travel. Flight records show Hajdu made solo trips from Ottawa to her residence in Thunder Bay even while telling the public: “Do not go visit your family, do not visit your friends, do not go out and about unless it’s essential.” 

This is obviously totally hypocritical.

But it’s even worse.

It shows Hajdu thinks she is more important than the rest of us.

She thinks she’s better than us.

She thinks she’s above us.

We had to stay home.

We had to be away from our family.

But Patty?

She gets to fly – at our expense – on government jets to see her family.

Hajdu has shown that she has total contempt for us, and total contempt for Canada.

It’s the same contempt Trudeau shows with the ongoing WE Scandal, and is another of many reasons why the Liberal government is a disgrace tot he country and must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Jacklyn M Wellman

Hypocrisy runs through the entire Liberal administration! Sickening!

D. Briggs

Canada is the laughing stock of the world with the present government we have allowed ourselves to be saddled with!!When are our fellow Canadians in Ontario and Quebec going to quit drinking the Kool Aid prescribed to them by the Liberals and see what Trudeau has done to our country?????


Is there anyone in the Liberal Cabinet that is not a self-centred offensive self important elitist hypocrite? Giving Canadians the finger and being incapable of responding with intelligent relevant answers is clearly Liberal culture. Even hard core Liberals have to have serious doubts. The Liberal Party or Canada. Which is more important? The Libs had every chance to be a good Government and they have failed.

Scott Chinsota

She’ll never be fired, no matter what she does. She’s a diversity hire and, thus, quite secure in her portfolio. The fact that she has no clue what she’s doing is not important.


Only in government can one be incompetent and not be fired, however, in business incompetence is rewarded by termination of employment. Business creates wealth, governments consume wealth. In my opinion, there are too many people feeding off the taxpayer!


Patty Hajdu has been a Hypocrite from day One. She is most definitely Unfit to be an MP, let alone, Minister of Health.
She advocated the government to send 16 thousand pounds of our PPE to China, flip flopped with the WHO, and the Useless Theresa Tam on Open Borders, Masks,Virus Transmission and now we learn that this Hypocrite took several flights to visit family from Thunder Bay to Ottawa during the pandemic, on OUR DIME, while preaching to Canadians to stay home!
What can I say, just another Hypocritical Liberal Thief!

William Craig

This is normal behaviour for a liberal. They are you see above the law.