Royal Canadian Navy Scrapping ‘Seaman’, Switching To ‘Gender Neutral’ Term

Navy says they want to be “progressive” and avoid the “double entendre”.

The Royal Canadian Navy will be scrapping the title of ‘seaman,’ for junior sailors.

They will be shifting to a ‘gender neutral’ term.

The Navy says they are trying to be ‘progressive.’

Here’s what the person in charge of the change, Commander Deborah-Lynn Gates, had to say:

“We appreciate tradition,” Gates told The Canadian Press. “And we’re not downplaying tradition absolutely at all. But it’s truly a matter for us to show that we are progressive and that we are listening and we are really, truly representative of Canadian society.”

“What this will do is ensure a safe environment so there is no double entendre,” she said. “Definitely at the tactical level, we want to make sure our most junior members understand and feel safe when they are being called their rank, being called their name or being addressed.”

It’s concerning to see the Navy using the same kind of language as far-left social justice warriors.

The Navy is made up of people willing to face serious danger in defence of our nation. The idea that the word “seaman” would make someone feel “unsafe” is pandering nonsense.

The Navy is currently facing a serious shortage of personnel, and they likely think this is the way to recruit more people.

Of course, we know that is not the case. If you want to recruit more people, perhaps starting with actually getting good equipment would be a first step.

People don’t want to be pandered to, and they don’t want to be treated like a bunch of sensitive babies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube