Ethics Commissioner Expands Investigation Into Bill Morneau

Day after day, the scandal continues to grow.

The Ethics Commissioner has announced that the investigation in finance minister Bill Morneau is being expanded.

Earlier, the investigation into Morneau had centered around the fact that he did not recuse himself from the decision to award the massive contract to WE.

Now, the investigation is being expanded to include the acceptance of gifts that could have influenced him.

Here’s the letter issued by the Ethics Commissioner detailing the decision:

“BREAKING! Ethics Commissioner confirms he will be expanding the scope of his examination of Minister Morneau’s possible ethics violations.”

Morneau Letter 1

Morneau Letter 2

Every day brings new revelations in the WE Scandal, and it continues to grow.

More and more, Canadians are seeing that the Liberals certainly seem to have something to hide.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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ALL of these ‘investigations’ by the ethics commissioner are all very well, but when someone is found guilty of such ethics breaches and are NOT punished,what the hell is the point of it all ?!!! It’s just costing us more and more money to run them,and the ‘ethics commissioner’ is living the high off the hog due to it ALL..
JUST .’Letting us know they’re guilty’ and then just allow them to continue on and on and on with their corruption ?!!