HYPOCRITES: Trudeau, Nenshi, Notley, & Other ‘Woke’ Politicians Silent On Apparent Anti-LGBT Hate Crime That Doesn’t Fit ‘The Narrative’

Funny how only certain crimes get denounced by our so-called ‘leaders.’

One of the biggest problems with the ‘woke’ mindset is that instead of treating people as individuals, it creates tiers of ‘victimhood.’

Some people are defined as victims, and others as ‘victimizers.’

That mindset then leads to ‘woke’ politicians only responding to certain kinds of prejudice, while ignoring others.

For example, many wokesters view immigrants, and the recent descendents of immigrants, as a victim group.

Thus, when someone from that group is prejudiced towards another group, the wokesters ignore it, even though they would have condemned the exact same behaviour if a ‘non-victim’ or ‘victimizer’ group did it.

And that brings us to what recently happened in Calgary.

According to the Calgary Police, there have been multiple recent apparent hate crime against same-sex couples in the city.

Here’s what they said on Twitter:

“We are aware of 3 potential hate-motivated crimes that targeted Calgary’s gender and sexually diverse community over the weekend. Investigations are underway and we are asking for anyone with information to contact us at 403-266-1234 or”


The full photo can be viewed below:

Trudeau & others silent

Interestingly, politicians like Justin Trudeau, Naheed Nenshi, and Rachel Notley, who hold themselves up as supposed ‘woke examples’ to everyone else, are silent on these apparent hate crimes.

As we know, Justin Trudeau loves to jump in on controversy, as he did when he perpetrated the fake ‘hijab attack hoax,’ getting on TV within hours to make a dramatic statement and slamming Canada as ‘prejudiced,’ while refusing to apologize for having pushed a totally fake story.

Yet, he’s silent.

As is Rachel Notley.

As is Naheed Nenshi.

Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte has been exposing this hypocrisy:


Clearly, the elitist politicians and establishment press don’t actually care about stopping prejudice or violence.

They only care about virtual signalling in defence of so-called victim groups, and are silent on everything else.

This hypocrisy is yet another reason why politicians like Trudeau, Nenshi, and Notley cannot be trusted.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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