WATCH: Biden Says Latino Community Is Diverse, “Unlike The African-American Community”

This is the latest of many Biden gaffes, as he had previously said that African-Americans unsure of voting for him “ain’t black.”

Joe Biden has had yet another gaffe.

The Democratic nominee for President has seen a marked decline in his communication ability, with a noticable increase in both gaffes and in his struggles to make points in the past few years.

Biden has always been a gaffe-prone politician, but the rate of gaffes has increased.

Recently, Biden said “you ain’t black” if you were still unsure of voting for him.

And now, he said the African-American community isn’t diverse, while comparing it to the Latino community.

The day before, Joe Biden responded to a journalist asking him about whether he took a mental fitness test by asking the journalist if he was “a junkie.”

In response to Biden’s latest gaffe, Trump said Biden “totally disparaged and insulted the Black community.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter