Canadian Universities Must Be Fully Banned From Any Connections To The Chinese Military

The fact that it’s even allowed at all is a disgrace.

With Canadian MPs giving more and more and attention to the threat posed by China, Conservative MP Garnett Genuis is raising concerns about how Canadian Universities have ‘relationships’ with the Chinese Military:

“From the Hong Kong special Parliamentary hearings – Canadian Universities’ relationships with the Chinese military need review and Canada needs to update the export control list around dual use technology that can have military applications.”

Genuis is right to bring this up as a concern.

That said, it really shouldn’t even be a question.

There is no justification for Canadian universities having a connection to the Chinese military.

They must be BANNED from having any relationship with the Chinese military, or the Chinese Communist Party.

Canada must move decisively to decouple our country from China, and universities must be part of that.

Canadian universities have to be serving the best interests of our country, and the best interest of Canada is clearly for our nation to become more self-sufficient and distance ourselves from China.

This is an area where the government must step in to protect the national interest, and issue clear and total restrictions on Canadian universities collaborating with the Chinese military.

Spencer Fernando

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