BREAKING: Bill Morneau To Resign

Trudeau-appointed finance minister has been plagued by scandal since taking office.

Bill Morneau, the Trudeau-appointed Liberal finance minister who presided over weak economic growth, ballooning deficits, further economic reliance on foreign nations, and was constantly beset by scandals, has resigned.

His resignation comes in the wake of a contrived ‘feud’ with Justin Trudeau, which was obviously an attempt to pin the blame on someone other than Justin Trudeau for the ongoing WE Charity Scandal.

Sources have indicated that Morneau will also resign his Toronto seat, leaving federal politics entirely.

Morneau also claims he decided to resign, and was not pushed.

Strangely, Morneau is running for chair of the OECD, with Trudeau issuing support for Morneau’s run in a statement.

Morneau officially announced his resignation in a press conference, which you can watch below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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alan skelhorne

one down, how many to go.

Ron Shaw

Happy Days
Idiot number two gone , and the bus moves forward for idiot number one . Squish !


Next time Trudo must resign.

Jon English

One down two to go


This is nothing more than deflection for trudo. Spin it at all costs, blame someone else & have them take responsibility for the actions YOU (trudo) was involved in. He will come out a bit later & trash talk billy for this, just wait & watch.


Only “One” down, and they think this is enough, another distracting dog and pony show, the liberals in mourning. Oh gosh, will the liberal deficit still fix itself, with Bill gone?

I guess they will have to hire him back like Butts as an advisor for 50 Billion. What a show and it is too bad I am sick of popcorn now.