Poilievre Issues Hilarious Response To Morneau Resignation

Tweet focuses on how Trudeau did all the same things that damaged Morneau’s resignation.

In the wake of finance minister Bill Morneau’s resignation, Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre issued a hilarious response that quite accurately sums up the hypocrisy involved in the Liberal attempt to create distance between Trudeau and Morneau.

You can read that response below:

“We’re talking about a man who kept his money in a tax-preferred trust fund, was convicted of repeatedly violating the ethics act & took tens of thousands of dollars of gifts from people he gave government grants.

But enough about Justin Trudeau.

Bill Morneau resigned tonight.”

This gets to the real issue.

Morneau isn’t the big problem here.

Trudeau is the problem.

He is the one responsible for the government, and once again, he remains unaccountable while others are thrown under the bus.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Jim Montag

He is the teflon man but eventually even teflon wears out and things start sticking.


I can’t believe the responses on the tweet of Poilievre’s, the liberal sheep swoon over jt & billy like they are some kind of saviors. It seems they have no problem with the massive spending.