Canada Should Ban Huawei Completely & Bring Back Nortel

The government should partner with private companies to build a Made In Canada telecom firm that can provide essential infrastructure, as a sign of our renewed resolve to protect our country and our economy.

With our increasing reliance on technology, telecommunications infrastructure is becoming in many ways as important as physical infrastructure like roads and bridges.

Our armed forces, our government, our emergency communication systems, and our economy itself rely on telecommunications infrastructure that is reliable and under the control of our own country.

For years, we had that in Nortel, a successful Canadian telecommunications company that at one point had a huge share of the world’s network infrastructure.

Then, in 2009, Nortel went bankrupt.

But now, more and more information is emerging showing that Nortel was destroyed by China, and much of it was stolen right out from under us and used to turn Huawei into a global powerhouse.

Here’s an excerpt from an amazing report by Sam Cooper (a rare Canadian journalist who really digs into China’s actions against our country) on how the Chinese Military attacked Canada’s Nortel:

“In the end, Shields determined China’s government gained complete control of Nortel’s internal systems. After ten years of cyberattacks they could see everything Nortel was doing, he says. The infiltration was so insidious, Shields says, that technicians in China could send encrypted packages of stolen Nortel data to Shanghai and Beijing, by sending Internet commands to a “backdoor” buried in a Nortel computer.

To visualize that in the real world — it would be similar to a foreign army constructing a hidden tunnel into Canada’s treasury vault, and marching out unimpeded with gold bars.

And it was more than coincidence, Shields believes, that upstart Huawei suddenly replaced Nortel as the world’s dominant internet technology provider.

“You could have put Steve Jobs in to run Nortel. But if you are up against a nation-state, Nortel would have failed, without Canadian government intervention,” Shields said.”

So, China – in obvious violation of all law and trade rules – destroyed a key Canadian company, and used to build up a company that now wants to install their equipment in Canada and dominate our 5G infrastructure (thus having potential domination over our economy, emergency communications, and military networks).


This cannot be allowed, and any politician who allows it is disloyal to our country.

Canada must fully ban Huawei – not just from 5G, but from selling anything in our country. We cannot be a bunch of weak fools who let China profit from the destruction of one of our companies.

And, as a symbol of our resolve, the government should partner with private industry to build up a company that will provide key aspects of our national telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring it remains in Canadian hands.

That company should be called NORTEL, as a clear message that our days of being taken advantage of are over.

Spencer Fernando

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