WATCH: Chrystia Freeland Interviews George Soros About Bringing Communist China Into “New World Order”

How has that worked out?

Concerns are being raised about an interview between Chrystia Freeland and George Soros.

Soros, who regularly uses his vast wealth to try and push for more open borders and policies that benefit global corporations at the expense of nation states and Citizens, is a controversial figure, widely unpopular in many countries.

While the Liberals are trying to rebrand themselves with the appointment of Freeland to the finance minister portfolio, Freeland and Trudeau are still pushing the same elitist policies that betray and devastate the working class, destroying good jobs, making everything more expensive, while always allowing the wealthy elites to get away unscathed while the rest of us pay the price.

In the interview, Freeland and Soros discuss bringing Communist China into the “New World Order,” something that has resulted in the destruction of good jobs in Canada, the United States, and across the Western world, the empowerment of the ruthless Chinese Communist State, and our dependence on China for basic essentials.

Notably, Freeland interviewing Soros isn’t a big issue, but she has also praised him in the past, and many of her policies and the policies of the Liberals line up with his worldview.

You can watch a clip of the interview below:

On Twitter, Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay said this should “alarm every Canadian.”

“This is George Soros with Canada’s new Finance Minister a few years ago listening carefully to him like student to teacher. The closeness of these two should alarm every Canadian.”

Findlay also shared further concerning Soros interviews:

After being criticized by some on Twitter, Findlay apologized:

Of course, I don’t buy into the conspiracies about Soros. There is no secret agenda with him, and the anti-Semitic attacks on Soros are outrageous. The fact is, the truth is bad enough. Soros, like many of the political and corporate elites – like Freeland and Trudeau – have pushed an agenda that is devastating for Canadians, particularly working class and middle class people, and with their new ‘green’ agenda, the Liberals are doubling down on those destructive policies.

The fact is, no matter what rebranding the Liberals try, they are still the party that serves the corrupt elites at the expense of the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Brian Dougan

Don’t apologize to the Left. It’s shopworn, and acts like blood to a shark.


There are pictures of Trudeau kneeling in front of George Soros, and having meetings with him also, and foolish destructive non Canadians, that are allowed to vote against their country still voted somehow, so who trusted Chrystia Freeland are they even Canadian, how would a real Canadian vote against their country and our sovereignty. Please remember but be scared though, George Soros, (PPC’s) Bernier etc. are all invested in Trudeau’s liberal Investment bank(our tax dollars, try and find out what is really going on there and I can not) George Soros is also involved financially in our TD bank, maybe… Read more »

Guy-Paul Roy

Same Agenda pushed 40 years ago. With the NEW European Union and the NEW FUTURE Euro Buck TOO. How well did That System work out for Europe/China ?? and US? Kissing China in hopes of ANYTHING is the true definition of Insanity.

Moe S.

Trudeau (Neo-Liberalism) Freeland (Neo-Conservative) are one in the same. Both are interventionists, Globalists and anti-Sovereignty, just like George Soros. Neo-Conservatives are destructive war hawks. If Freeland replaces Trudeau, it will be out of the frying pan, into the fire for Canada with her at the helm.

Arie Intveld

“Conspiracy theory” was a term first coined by the newly formed CIA in 1947 to discredit critical observation and reportage of their own amoral covert activities. Today, everything is a “conspiracy theory” much the same as everything/everyone is racist/bigoted/Islamophobic/Nazi/Fascist/misogynist/extremist. All these labels have one purpose … to end any further critical discussion, investigation or analysis. Regarding George Soros, why would any elected public servant have any association with someone who has stated on public record that his life’s ambition is to dismantle western democracy and a free enterprise economy? No different than Bill Gates, George Soros’ philanthropy is a sugar-coated… Read more »


Canadas mostly stoned voters – dont get alarmed, and don’t care


Students at the feet of the teacher.


This is part of the reason why we have Corrupt Puppets like Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland. Wake up Canadians, Canada will be NO More our Once Safe and Wonderful Country if these Soros Puppets and the Whole Liberal Party aren’t Decimated Very Soon.