Trudeau Liberals Under Fire For Refusal To Fight Antisemitism In Their Own Ranks

As the Liberals make false accusations against others, Canadians are pointing out how the Liberals have failed to fight antisemitism.

With the Liberals trying to falsely accuse some Conservatives of being antisemitic, their lying tactics are backfiring, with Canadians being reminded of how the Liberals continue to coddle antisemitism within their own ranks.

First, there’s the case of Hassan Guillet, a candidate the Liberals repeatedly defended and only removed when the pressure became overwhelming.

Here’s an article from the National Post on what happened:

“The reality for the Jewish community across Canada, however, is that Guillet’s views are part of a disturbing and growing trend. Guillet, an imam from Quebec, was found to have made comments on social media that lauded terrorism against Israel and claimed that “Zionists” were controlling the foreign policy of the United States. The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs alerted the Liberals to Guillet’s views in June — a plea that fell on deaf ears.

The fact that it took Justin Trudeau’s Liberals more than two months to decide that his comments disqualified him from carrying their banner should give every Canadian pause. The delay in taking action suggests the Liberals were OK with this as long as they didn’t get caught.”

Yet, the Liberals have an ongoing issue with antisemitism that they simply refuse to address.

As the Conservative Party pointed out in September of 2019, the Liberals refuse to remove Iqra Khalid:

“According to B’nai Brith Canada, Justin Trudeau’s candidate Iqra Khalid continues to associate with known anitsemite Amin El-Maoued, who advocates for violence and discrimination against the Jewish community.

Khalid was forced to apologize last year for giving El-Maoued a certificate of appreciation from Justin Trudeau. At the time Khalid claimed she condemned his antisemitic views.

But we now know her apology was a lie.

Recently Khalid attended an event at the home of El-Maoued. He confirmed in social media posts that Khalid apologized to him for condemning his antisemitism. El-Maoued blames the “Zionist lobby” for forcing Khalid to having to issue a public apology.

In response to this news, Khalid says that she accepts that El-Maoued is not antisemtic, despite the fact that he uses antisemitic language and leads rallies to call for the destruction of Israel.

El-Maoued is active in the Liberal Party of Canada, donating and attending party conventions with Justin Trudeau.

Antisemites like Khalid and El-Maoued feel they have a home in Trudeau’s Liberal Party.

But what Jewish Canadians are asking is: why did Justin Trudeau fire antisemite Hassan Guillet but continues to support Iqra Khalid?”

It’s a great question.

Why do the Liberals continue to support Khalid?

Why are the Liberals silent when extremist rallies take place in Mississauga, where people call for the destruction of Israel?

On Twitter, Elizabeth A. Morris has been doing a great jobs slamming the Liberals for their hypocrisy:

“Galling @AHousefather, need harsh reminding of @liberal_party endorsement of anti-Semitic candidate(s) removed only for repeated B’Nai Brith pressure; MP Khalid cont’d assoc. with radical activist; Jewish memorial without mention of Jews; PMO labelling Cdns “Nazis””

“My disgust for @liberal_party complete, as ought be for every Canadian, with representative @KenHardie maligning millions of citizens (further to being labelled “Nazis”), and furthering @CanadianPM division. Canadians deserve better, most of all, respect from their government.”

“Galling! @cathmckenna @charlesadler need harsh reminding of Trudeau @liberal_party endorsement of anti-Semitic candidate(s) removed only due repeated B’Nai Brith pressure/public reveal; @iamIqraKhalid cont’d assoc. with radical activist El Maoued; PMO labelling Canadians “Nazis”.”

In short, the Liberals are the party that coddles antisemitism, giving a voice to hatred, division, and prejudice.

The pathetic hypocrite Liberals must be called out for their endless lies and damage to our nation.

Spencer Fernando

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alan skelhorne

let the deportation begin. starting with evey member of the liberal party.

Mr. J. Johnson Sr.

The expatriation permanently


This Anti Canadian government is so racist, prejudice, divisive, destructive puppet government in Canadian history. They have with the UN’s forced migration brought in thousands and thousands of people gave many of them political top paying jobs to work against all Canadians period. Criminals wanting the police defunded and prisons closed, makes me think we need much bigger prisons to hold all these lefty criminals who vote lieberal/ndp/green to destroy a once pretty honest law abiding hardworking friendly country. I think the brave armed forces need to join in to help the police round up all these anti Canadians protesting… Read more »

Guy-Paul Roy

Now who gave us Islamophobia? Last time I was reading, from cover to cover, the QUran, Mohamed was calling for infidels like myself to be bigoted against by Muslims. Do we get Infidelopobia? OF COURSE Mr. Blackface is an Uneducated Bigot as slot of the Liberals.


Trudeau has lost it. I suspect he has had an emotional and mental collapse. Has he had a breakdown? His own Party is falling apart and some have actually come to their senses, seeing him and his elites for what they are. They entered politics to support Canada and to try to help us through hard times. Billions of dollars were thrown out in the hope that the Pandemic would cure itself. It hasn’t, and now at the end of many scattergun style programs, the sht is going to hit the fan. People getting evicted, businesses gone, homes lost, suicides,… Read more »