VIDEO: O’Toole Pushes Back Against Destruction Of Canadian History

“Canadians must learn from our past, not erase it.”

In a new video, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole is pushing back against the radical left mobs who are trying to tear down Canadian history.

In the video, O’Toole says “Canadians must learn from our past, not erase it,” and mentions both the destruction of a John A. Macdonald Statue in Montreal, and the destruction of a Virgin Mary Statue in Toronto that was decapitated.

You can watch O’Toole’s video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Guy-Paul Roy

Anything that offends Canadians from Coast to Coast to Coast, Must be taken down, put in a MUSEUM. As civilisation continues down the decades run by different POLITICS, We can start to build a bunch of NEW MUSEUMS. What !!! ???? Are Ya’All a bunch of Museum Bigots?


It would just take one of those statues landing on those that would topple them to stop this.THAT,or electing a patriot like O’Toole as our Prime Minister, that wouldn’t let it happen in the first place !!!
Push the Canadian patriotism theme Erin,and putting Canada First, and what a great and united country Canada CAN be again, and you’ll get that top job. Canadians are tired of the divisiveness,lies, and corruption of the Trudeau Liberals. Being a patriot and a nationalist, and pushing those ideals, will work.Trust me.

Bob D

And where is Jagmeet’s response? Or is he off helping tear down the memorial to the Air India victims? And not a peep from Dizzy Lizzy Drunk Every Day May?


Also the statue of Sir John A. that L. Helps, the current far left radical cop hater mayor of Victoria had removed because she claimed “it might offend some people”. She ignores the fact that she offends a lot of people so why hasn’t she removed herself? Arrogant narcissist.