Trudeau & Freeland Are Betraying Millions Of Liberal Voters

Many Canadians voted Liberal thinking they were voting for a centrist party. If they wanted radical socialism, they would have voted NDP. Now, Trudeau & Freeland are moving to outflank the NDP on the radical left and impose a disastrous agenda many Liberals explicitly rejected.

Even though it no longer applies to reality, the Liberal brand is still seen by many Canadians as a ‘moderate & centrist’ party.

In that context, millions of people voted Liberal thinking they were voting for a moderate party.

In fact, when Trudeau ran in 2019, he was still talking about keeping deficits low and getting back to balance in the future.

Of course, the CCP Virus Crisis changed things.

There was widespread agreement – and bipartisan support – for temporary massive government spending. After all, the government was telling people to stay home, so compensating people for the massive economic damage was the right thing to do.

However, even then, this was all promised as a temporary measure.

It wasn’t about ‘reshaping Canada.’

It wasn’t about ‘remaking the nation.’

It was about temporarily responding to a crisis.

And yet, the Liberals are now talking about running gigantic budget deficits for years to come.

We’re looking at possibly $500 Billion deficits for years, with the Liberals embarking on a radical far left socialist scheme to give the government total domination over the economy and impose a radical ‘green’ agenda.

As I’ve said, this is a betrayal of Canadians, and a betrayal of future generations.

It is also a betrayal of many Liberal voters.

In effect, the Liberals were elected under false pretenses.

The NDP and the Greens ran on a radical far-left socialist agenda. The Liberals campaigned as more moderate.

Now, the Liberals are moving farther to the left of the NDP & Greens.

At this point, a lot of Liberal voters must be watching this and thinking, “what the hell is going on?”

If they wanted to vote NDP, they would have voted NDP.

If they wanted to vote Green, they would have voted Green.

Trudeau lied to them, and he is betraying them.

This is a point Conservatives will have to make repeatedly.

There are millions of Liberal voters who still believe in fiscal responsibility and common-sense. They now have more in common with Conservatives than they do with the party Justin Trudeau & Chrystia Freeland run.

The Conservatives base, allied with former Liberals disgusted at the betrayal of their party at the hands of Trudeau, must come together to crush the Trudeau Liberals and stop the destruction of Canada’s finances.

All Patriotic, common-sense Canadians must unite to take back our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Robin Tyler


When he was 1st Elected to Office. YOU are correct. Most were looking for the Old Liberals. However, a LOT of people voted for Truedope and got him back into Power. If they were looking for a centerest Liberal Party. That Makes them STUPID !


Do we even know if China has not already bought up parts of Canada? No we do not, as the money would be in their offshore trust funds and we have no Parliament to even try to find out, what really these ruling again dictators are really doing with all their layers of deception, lies and confusion, their paid street roaming gangs of terrorists for distraction anarchy and chaos, so much untraceable, it seems debt and money missing, no accountable budget even, and our police in cahoots with all this and now unable to help the citizens of Canada they… Read more »

Major Tom

Trudeau’s radical green agenda is………………communism! As Jim Simpson so correctly asserts…..Communism defined IS the green agenda……

james isnor

Stop this insanity ! Just resign now. Take your looted $$$ and disappear.