Parliamentary Budget Officer WARNING: Canada’s Debt Levels Will Soon Become “Unsustainable”

Are the Trudeau-Freeland Liberals planning to ignore these warnings and put Canada’s economy on the path to crisis and chaos?

With the Trudeau-Freeland Liberals threatening to embark on a scheme of massive government spending and historic deficits while crippling the economy with ‘green’ measures, the Parliamentary Budget Officer is issuing a new warning:

Canada’s debt levels will soon become unsustainable.

In an interview, PBO head Yves Giroux made his warning clear:

“It’s without a doubt that we cannot afford deficits of over $300 billion for more than just a few years. And when I say a few years, I really mean a year or two. Beyond that, it would become unsustainable.

So if the government has plans for additional spending, it will clearly have to make difficult choices and either raise taxes or reduce other areas of spending. Because it’s clear that we cannot afford to have deficits of that magnitude for even the medium term.”

This has to be a wake up call for everybody in this country.

The PBO is making it clear that Canada cannot afford these gigantic deficits.

Yes, a huge deficit was necessary as a one-time response to the CCP Virus Crisis, but it was always meant to be ‘temporary.’

And we’re not talking about deficits of $50 billion or so, which could be manageable if GDP was surging.

No, the Trudeau-Freeland fools are talking about running deficits of up to $500 billion, for the foreseeable future, which would absolutely decimate Canada’s financial position and lead to a debt crisis.

If the Liberals ignore the PBO’s warnings, we can only assume that they are purposely embarking on an agenda to weaken, betray, and devastate our great nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I keep recalling that picture of Trudeau/Freeland sitting with Soros like sycophants listening to their master speak. They are clearly preparing for a Biden win. Trump 2020


Parents need to talk to their voting age children and friends about what this means to Canada’s sovereignty and way of life. I cannot live out my senior years as a slave to China. Trudeau must be taken down at the polls. If not we need to get Alberta and Sask out of this broken down federation. If I was 25 years younger I would lead the rebellion to the best of my ability. We need the youthful physical and mental energy of Michelle RG, Pierre Poli, Erin O’T, Andrew S, Brett W and many others from the business world.


Erin O Toole will do nothing about this. He has already bent the knee to Quebec for energy east, and agreeing to meet the Paris target agreements meanwhile doing nothing to help build Canada’s prosperity.

c gelder

Crisis coming. Many have predicted from the start that Trudeau would ruin the country.


gee, ya think?
I can’t imagine how this happened!!
Canadians should be ashamed of themselves however I give them a break as they have proved beyond doubt these past 4 plus years in particular, they aren’t the brightest bulbs on the tree and they clearly don’t want to live!

Brian Dougan

I used to think Liberal Party ex prime minister Chretien was bad. (“I got de people; I got de plan.”) He was referring to his “Red Book” plan to derail Canada. I’ll take ten of him over Trudope. That’s how toxic Trudeau and Freeloader are to this…ummm …Nation?? What are we exactly?