WATCH: National Citizens Coalition Rips Trudeau’s Impending ‘Green Economy’ Disaster

“It’s the growth-killing, economy-devouring green leap you never asked for!”

In a video that is being widely shared, the National Citizens Coalition is ripping the dangerous Trudeau ‘green economy’ plan.

The NCC notes how similar it is to the ‘unmitigated disaster’ of green policy in Ontario, policies that massively increased the debt, screwed the economy, drove up energy prices, and have left a legacy of weakened growth and long-term damage.

“GET READY, CANADA! It’s the growth-killing, economy-devouring green leap you never asked for! The last ‘green economy’ in Canada was an unmitigated disaster for Ontario. We simply cannot let this go federal.


As the NCC points out, “Activists have overtaken our national agenda, attempting to shut down our economy and way of life.”

The Liberals are trying to impose policies that already known as a total failure, risking throwing Canada into a debt crisis, crippling our economy for years, betraying an entire generation, and causing untold damage to our nation.

They must be stopped.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Major Tom

Communism defined!


California is burning up, AGAIN. The Trudeau Carbon Tax that was claimed to control the climate of the entire world is a complete failure. The same has happened in BC, where the Horgan Carbon Tax, piled on top of the Trudeau Carbon Tax, has had no discernible effect. The readings in BC have actually climbed. FAIL.


It will no longer matter how much debt Canada’s anti Canadian traitors wastes if we stay involved with the CCP and UN’s agenda cause there will be no more Canada as we have been sold out and we will have no more money and be in hiding hoping not to be found? This seems to be what our anti Canadian government has planned for us all. Scary, but I really think our last two fixed elections were for show only, but I will pray that is not so.

alan skelhorne

no one can stop this dictator-traitor. he will win the third election, and thats the end of canada.


The greatest disaster was giving this idiot four more years.


The people fell for the CBC propaganda, I dont think they will ever learn.


OK , whats this “green economy” plan ?

All I see is increased taxes, but no plan. Of course, theres “pie-in-the sky” energy sources, that dont exist yet.