WATCH: National Citizens Coalition Rips Trudeau’s Impending ‘Green Economy’ Disaster

“It’s the growth-killing, economy-devouring green leap you never asked for!”

In a video that is being widely shared, the National Citizens Coalition is ripping the dangerous Trudeau ‘green economy’ plan.

The NCC notes how similar it is to the ‘unmitigated disaster’ of green policy in Ontario, policies that massively increased the debt, screwed the economy, drove up energy prices, and have left a legacy of weakened growth and long-term damage.

“GET READY, CANADA! It’s the growth-killing, economy-devouring green leap you never asked for! The last ‘green economy’ in Canada was an unmitigated disaster for Ontario. We simply cannot let this go federal.


As the NCC points out, “Activists have overtaken our national agenda, attempting to shut down our economy and way of life.”

The Liberals are trying to impose policies that already known as a total failure, risking throwing Canada into a debt crisis, crippling our economy for years, betraying an entire generation, and causing untold damage to our nation.

They must be stopped.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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