Rempel Exposes Hajdu’s Failed CCP Virus Response

When Question Period returns, Hajdu will have much to answer for.

If the Canadian establishment media hadn’t been bought off by the Liberals, and if they hadn’t been more focused on criticizing Donald Trump rather than focusing on Canada, Patty Hajdu would be widely known as a total failure on the CCP Virus response.

And yet, Hajdu is starting to get more and more attention for her incompetence, with Conservative MP Michelle Rempel as the new health critic.

Rempel has a strong social media presence and is one of the stronger communicators for the Conservatives, and she’s already exposing Hajdu’s failures:

“We know Trudeau’s Health Minister was fully briefed on the dangers of coronavirus in late December, but refused to take measures like airport screenings until Canadians started dying. With this story, we know she’s still making deadly decisions. She can’t be trusted.”

“In a recent interview the Health Min was asked why she didn’t manage the border or airports even though by her own admission she knew about the severity of the virus in late December. She suggested because it wouldn’t be popular. She made a political decision that cost lives.”

“She downplayed the risks of the virus to us for months, even though by her own admission she was fully briefed on the risks of the pandemic in late December. That deadly decision cost Canadians their lives. Now, she’s trying to justify China’s response.”

“Remember that Trudeau’s Health Min – knowing how bad the virus was – said border control measures wouldn’t work, and recommended against masks. She sent China our PPE when the virus was starting to spread and made our doctors and nurses go without. Today, she’s defending China.”

With Rempel going after Hajdu’s failures, the Liberals won’t be able to hide forever. Their failures will be exposed.

And even with the establishment press in the tank for Hajdu & Trudeau, Independent media like will be there to spread the truth and push back against Liberal lies.

Spencer Fernando

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