Why Isn’t The Government Shipping Out Vitamin D & Encouraging Weight Loss?

We already know two things that can dramatically reduce CCP Virus risk. So why, amid such gigantic spending and government intervention, is the government failing to take these simple steps?

There are three major risk factors for serious CCP Virus cases and death from the virus:

Old age.

Vitamin D deficiency.


The first issue has been largely addressed, with far more careful attention being paid to protecting vulnerable people particularly in seniors care homes.

The second two are quite different issues, with one being short-term, and one being long-term.

And let’s think about this for a moment.

The government is spending hundreds of billions of dollars, and is intervening massively.

Yet, it would have been so simple for them to mass-purchase Vitamin D and send it out to everyone in the country, combined with a public information campaign on the importance of raising Vitamin D levels. The cost would be minimal – compared to what has been spent already, and it is becoming even more important considering that many more people have Vitamin D deficiency in winter.

The second issue is more long-term, but still must be addressed.

We currently live in an era in which the ‘fat acceptance movement’ has made it politically-incorrect to point out how obesity is dangerous to health. Yet, the CCP Virus has cut through that political correctness, with obesity and virus death rates clearly linked.

The government should be making this clear to people, and should be taking steps like providing quick tax rebates for the purchase of exercise equipment. This would have multiple benefits, as it would help save many local gyms that are on the brink of collapse, push money into the Canadian economy, and encourage people to get in better shape, which would save lives both now during this crisis, and would benefit Canada down the road by reducing health care costs.

Compared to the massive amount that has been spent, the ideas I propose above would be quite simple and cost-effective.

So why hasn’t it been done?

Because the government doesn’t want us to be healthy:

“Yet another study showing how big a difference Vitamin D makes. So again, why are our governments not shipping Vitamin D to everyone? It would cost a fraction of what they’ve already spent. The fact is, they don’t want us healthy. They don’t want their crisis power to end.”


The last thing politicians want is a population of healthy, independent-minded, strong-willed people. They want us to be vulnerable and easy to control.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Remember to take enough vitamin C for the vitamin D to work well and get your Doctor to order a test on your level of vitamin D as too much is dangerous to your health also (the testing for this may cost you money in some cases now). There are some foods with vitamin D in them as well as the sun daily for 15 mins is enough to keep your levels up.

Brian Dougan

Big Pharma–No money in Vitamin D3. Bazillions in patented drugs. Government and Big Pharma: One sleeps with the other. They don’t want us healthy; there’s big money in keeping us on the prescription train. If you want a very interesting read; see Dr. Jason Fung’s *The Obesity Code*. He’s a Canadian nephrologist (Kidney specialist) who got tired of feeling helpless–diabetes/obesity/high blood pressure/pills/the same patients seeing him over and over–With Dr. Fung unable to REALLY help them. He found a way; with abundant scientific studies to support his “new” practice. He’s easy to find online. Sometimes we need to be proactive… Read more »


I believe you are right on this, Spencer……and also Trudope does not want us healthy. Subservient is what he is aiming for.

chris brown


Things to do:
1 – release the virus
2 – confuse everyone about what and what not to do
3 – keep it going until its not needed any longer or until everyone is either controlled or enough are dead
4 – take bonus and go on vacation

What’s so confusing?