Trudeau Government Spending Your Money On A Taxpayer-Funded “Storyteller” Position

It will pay nearly $100K per year.

Wonder where all your taxpayer dollars are going?

Well, some of it is going to crap like this:

“If you are a good storyteller, this is a new job posting in the Prime Minister’s Office. You have to October 8th to apply. Only serious storytellers need apply. Click on link below to apply:”

Storyteller Liberals

That’s right.

A “storyteller.”

Paying up to $96,461.


At least the government is ironically being honest in that they’re telling stories rather than telling the truth.

Of course, the idea that we are paying for the government to tell us stories is outrageous, and is quite disturbing.

The government is supposed to tell us the truth, not repackage things into stories for the public.

It shows the attitude the Liberals have, both their lack of formality and their contempt for the Canadian People.

The only story we want to hear is the story of how the Canadian People finally had enough and booted the Liberals from office.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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chris brown

“Here’s a little story about a man named Jed…”


Gee Spencer I hope you applied, but then they don’t want the truth unless it is totally all twisted up and layered and with no moral ending. But perhaps you could confuse them even further as they do not know what truth is any more?

Richard Guyatt

Spencer…you got that right…..hey Canada let’s boot all of these Liberal idiots from office, the sooner the better.….your grandchildren and their children’s children are going to be paying taxes on the debt this total jackass Prime Minister and his band of Liberal CRACKPOTS have forced on ALL of us since 2015……No matter what political persuasion you are, for Bloc and especially for NDP voters, better get on the phone and tell your particular MP to stop propping up this clown on non-confidence votes!! Getting rid of the Trudeau Liberal Gov’t as soon as possible is the ONLY chance Canada has… Read more »


I do not understand what has happened to Doug Ford or what is running Ontario now. Not only is the spending going way up, and most of it needs doing but this latest Ontario news, again stuns me. They just announced the hiring of a Inspector General of Policing, to set up an Inspectorate of Policing to increase trust between the public and the Police Services (yet another layer of waste caused by the defund the police protesters?) So they hired Devin Clunis who was the Chief of Police Services in Winnipeg. (hope he was a good chief there) Is… Read more »


Doug Ford has turned his back on the Very People who voted for him. We thought that we were voting for a Conservative, but we have been Fooled! He is another Corrupt Liberal, who praises Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau deserves NO Praise for anything! He has been destroying Ontario and every province in this Once Great Country!


Story teller. This role is straight out of Orwell’s 1984 where the key character’s job is to rewrite the daily news and history to fit Big Brother’s narrative on any given day. This Liberal government is a copycat.


All they had to do was use trudeau ,,,,no ones better at fairy tails then him

james isnor

In regards to the picture of the PM. What’s that on his head. A really bad rug ?