Trudeau Government Spending Your Money On A Taxpayer-Funded “Storyteller” Position

It will pay nearly $100K per year.

Wonder where all your taxpayer dollars are going?

Well, some of it is going to crap like this:

“If you are a good storyteller, this is a new job posting in the Prime Minister’s Office. You have to October 8th to apply. Only serious storytellers need apply. Click on link below to apply:”

Storyteller Liberals

That’s right.

A “storyteller.”

Paying up to $96,461.


At least the government is ironically being honest in that they’re telling stories rather than telling the truth.

Of course, the idea that we are paying for the government to tell us stories is outrageous, and is quite disturbing.

The government is supposed to tell us the truth, not repackage things into stories for the public.

It shows the attitude the Liberals have, both their lack of formality and their contempt for the Canadian People.

The only story we want to hear is the story of how the Canadian People finally had enough and booted the Liberals from office.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube