THREAT: Watch As Liberal MP Falsely Claims Opposition Request For Information Could “Jeopardize” Access To A Vaccine

As I predicted, the Liberals have been emboldened by what happened, and are now upping the ante on their destructive dishonesty.

As we knew would happen, the Liberals have been further emboldened by getting away with their confidence gambit.

Speaking on a CTV Power Play panel, Liberal MP Arif Virani claimed that the Opposition’s request for accountability and information could “jeopardize” access to a vaccine:

“Liberal MP Virani says the “disclosures” that the opposition are seeking on vaccines and PPE would “jeopardize” access…”

As Andrew Coyne notes, Virani is basically saying, “Either the opposition lays off or Canadians don’t get their vaccines.”

The Liberals are now at the point where they’re basically saying that wanting transparency equals wanting people to die from the virus.

As you can see from Conservative Health Critic Michelle Rempel Garner, and NDP Don Davies, the Liberal MP was flat our lying, issuing a threat to try and silence criticism.

It’s sick, it’s disgusting, and it shows how completely unhinged, arrogant, and anti-Canadian the Liberals have become.

They are spitting all over our democracy, making a mockery of our values, and dragging the nation further and further into an era of political division, dishonesty, and socialist-style authoritarianism.

Remember, and I’m sure you know this, what matters isn’t just what the government is doing, but the direction they are going.

And everything the Liberals are doing is moving in the direction of a government that is accountable to nobody, silences dissent, threatens Canadians who push back, and seeks total unearned power.

That’s the total opposite of what Canada is supposed to be.

Spencer Fernando

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