THREAT: Watch As Liberal MP Falsely Claims Opposition Request For Information Could “Jeopardize” Access To A Vaccine

As I predicted, the Liberals have been emboldened by what happened, and are now upping the ante on their destructive dishonesty.

As we knew would happen, the Liberals have been further emboldened by getting away with their confidence gambit.

Speaking on a CTV Power Play panel, Liberal MP Arif Virani claimed that the Opposition’s request for accountability and information could “jeopardize” access to a vaccine:

“Liberal MP Virani says the “disclosures” that the opposition are seeking on vaccines and PPE would “jeopardize” access…”

As Andrew Coyne notes, Virani is basically saying, “Either the opposition lays off or Canadians don’t get their vaccines.”

The Liberals are now at the point where they’re basically saying that wanting transparency equals wanting people to die from the virus.

As you can see from Conservative Health Critic Michelle Rempel Garner, and NDP Don Davies, the Liberal MP was flat our lying, issuing a threat to try and silence criticism.

It’s sick, it’s disgusting, and it shows how completely unhinged, arrogant, and anti-Canadian the Liberals have become.

They are spitting all over our democracy, making a mockery of our values, and dragging the nation further and further into an era of political division, dishonesty, and socialist-style authoritarianism.

Remember, and I’m sure you know this, what matters isn’t just what the government is doing, but the direction they are going.

And everything the Liberals are doing is moving in the direction of a government that is accountable to nobody, silences dissent, threatens Canadians who push back, and seeks total unearned power.

That’s the total opposite of what Canada is supposed to be.

Spencer Fernando

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Arie Intveld

Do tell us more, Arif Virani, about what every Canadian can do to help jeopardize access to a vaccine for a patented, lab-grown virus that has been intentionally spread world-wide, has a survival rate in excess of 98% and is enriching big pharma. Jeopardizing access to such a vaccine would appear to be the most sensible pursuit.

Marian Joudoin

Your comment regarding the delay of vaccines is Fake news. You are fear mongering Canadians people with this comment. Canada deserves better Arif Virani. Canadians deserve MP’S for Canada.

Canadians send Aria Iran aq message and tell him what you think!! I have.


ABORING FOR LACK OF A BETTER WORD,TOTALLY OUT . OF WACK WITH Canadian values. This Govt. has to go the sooner the better.


Some Canadians like to be threatened, and scarred it seems, and love anti Canadian lieberals. Personally I had worked in a busy Emergency ward for years so was well exposed to everything going around but never got the flu, was never off work until the flu shot became mandatory one year and I was never so sick, the next time It was even worse, 2 weeks off work still unwell when I went back to work, and never ever would I take that flu vaccine again, no CCPvirus vaccine for me, thank you. But then I cannot drink alcohol or… Read more »


The vaccines can’t be trusted any more than Trudeau. We’re better off without both.

Moe S.

This is a massive exercise in protecting the reputations of those responsible for catastrophic Covid policy decisions at the Federal level, i.e., gov’t medical experts, etc.


Wake up Canadians, or you will end up in Comunism like China,Romania, Slovenia…and other where freedom was unexistant, censores everywhere..and much more. We have to fight for our freedom not just hand it over to Foreigner who are trying to distoy it. And retired people should stop thinking only about them self, and their enormous benefit, and start thinking about their children and grandchildren future, or should never vote! The middle generation is the one that carry a big burdden and they should be the one who votes, and choose!
Wake up my fellows Canadian, this is unacceptable!!


There are not enough words to describe the corrupt and evil antics of this government. What a sad state we have fallen to when our leader and his cohorts can extort and silence transparency and truth finding.


Lets get on with the Inquisition (I mean investigation) into Liberal corruption.

Lib-tards will say anything when they’re in the hot seat.