POLL: Conservatives & Liberals Tied

Despite the support of the establishment media, and despite gigantic government spending, the Liberals are still weakening.

The Trudeau Liberals may want to think twice about pushing for an early election.

In their two byelection ‘wins,’ they lost support in ridings they previously dominated.

And now, a new Mainstreet Research Poll shows the Liberals and Conservatives tied, within the margin of error.

The Liberals are at 32.1%, with the Conservatives at 31.5%.

The NDP – now the little lapdogs of the Liberals – are at 13.5%.

The Bloc are at 5%, while the Greens are at 4.3%.

9.1% are undecided.

In battleground Ontario, the Liberals narrowly lead, with 40.2%, compared to the Conservatives at 35.7%.

There continues to be a large gender gap, with the Conservatives winning 41% among men, compared to the Liberals at 29.3%.

Meanwhile, the Liberals lead with 42.2% among women, compared to the Conservatives at 27%.

Consider that these basically tied poll numbers come despite the establishment media propping up the Liberals, and despite the Liberals having been spending immense amounts of money across the country.

Also, considering that Erin O’Toole is a much better communicator than Andrew Scheer, and is harder for the Liberals to tag as ‘dangerous,’ and you can imagine a scenario in which a tie turns into a Conservative lead during a campaign.

Additionally, while the NDP remains pathetically weak under Jagmeet Singh, the Greens surged massively in the Toronto Centre by-election, meaning the Liberals could face renewed weakness from their left-flank.

With all of that in mind, the Liberals should be careful what they wish for when it comes to pushing for an early election.

Spencer Fernando

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Yvette Loke

Com’on, Conservatives. You can do it.

Thomas Tass

None of the women I know have any affinity for Trudeau and the Liberals Party. Is the same polling algorithm being used by the leftist media?

Barry Bateman

Congratulations Erin O’Toole and Scott Moe! And quit failing on energy Ontario – or you’ll succeed in your own self-destruction. First you abandon nuclear even though you had fifty years of cheap and safe nuclear power. Now you’re trying to abandon coal, oil, and gas because of a little more of life’s essential molecule CO2? Coal, oil, and gas make us the best fed, longest living, most prosperous human beings that have ever existed on earth. A little more CO2 has increased the mass of life on earth by 30%! A little more CO2 has made life so much stronger… Read more »


Leave the Libs as a minority Government so they be held on a short leash and forced to try to organize their debt and deficit. It is clear they have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time. They made a mess and it is up to them to try to figure things out. Committee meetings will continue to investigate.


This tie with the Liberals shows how stupid Canadian voters are.


Absolutely. Canadians are the only people on Earth, dumber than the Swedes