One Investigation Into Morneau Dropped, Another Still Ongoing

Ethics Commissioner says he took Morneau’s explanation of not reimbursing travel costs at face value.

Canadian Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion has announced that he is ending his investigation into former Liberal finance minister Bill Morneau.

Morneau had failed to reimburse costs for trips to Kenya and Ecuador that were funded by WE Charity.

In a letter, Dion said, “I accept that you genuinely believed you had paid for the entire cost of both trips, including the portion of the trip that involved the use of non-commercial chartered aircraft.”

However, the Ethics Commissioner is still investigating Morneau to see if Morneau violated the Conflict of Interest Act when he failed to recuse himself rom discussions surrounding giving the massive student grants program to WE Charity, something that happened when Morneau’s daughter worked for WE.

Many Canadians looking at all of this will wonder why those in power are allowed to get their explanations taken at face value, while the rest of us are punished.

One set of rules for those at the top, another for everyone else.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Richard Schritt

This liberal Government will go done as the worst since Canada became a country.

Ron Shaw

So if I rob a bank or evade paying taxes , can I now plead , “ Well I thought I didn’t rob the bank or I thought I paid my taxs “ as an explanation or defence . If so let Canadians know , if not than this is just another liberal corruption fraud , as usual .



james isnor

Are you [email protected]#king kidding me. The night before he knew he would have to lie he suddenly remembers he did nt pay for a $ 40 000 vacation. Mario D is just as guilty for aiding in the cover up. All the MPs who helped the Liberal Party evade and stonewall the investigation of WE should be recalled and forfeit their Canadian pensions