Trudeau Is Trying To Build His Own ‘Basic Dictatorship’

You can see where the trend of government action is moving.

In politics, one of the most important things to look at is not just what a government is doing, but the trendline of their actions.

And with the Liberals’, the trend line is clear:

They are trying to turn Canada’s democracy into their own basic dictatorship.

On multiple fronts, they are seeking to weaken democracy:

They are trying to expand government control of social media.

They want to ‘register’ the media – a move made in Communist States.

They are withholding documents from the Opposition and shutting down committees at a record pace.

They declared a simple request for an anti-Corruption Committee as a confidence matter, something that has never been done before.

They are demonizing law-abiding Canadian gun owners, rather than cracking down on gun crime.

Their own corrupt dealings, including connections to agents of the Chinese Communist Party, are being exposed.

They are – as authoritarian states often do – spending at record levels in an effort to ‘transform’ society, while risking a future crisis.

They have made much of the establishment media financially beholden to them, seeking to destroy the idea of independent media and ensure total government control over what people can and can’t say.

Canadians who read the list above are seeing how dangerous this is for our country.

The Trudeau Liberals are showing that Trudeau’s admiration for China’s ‘basic dictatorship’ wasn’t just a mistake, it was an expression of his true worldview, and it’s a worldview that makes the Liberals a serious danger to our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Major Tom

……and with applicable laws in place……they are doing all this while protected by the federal police…….

James Smith

The real scary part is how many are cheering for his tyranny state

Eric Blair

Once Trudeau crosses up the big liberal supporters behind the scenes such as the likes of Power Corp, the big banks he will face his own night of the long knives. His father ran Canada the same way with a group of four or five white males making all the decisions.

old white guy

Canada is proving to be one giant mistake and the intellectual capabilities of the voters is questionable. The governments we have prove that I am 100% correct.

Gordon Graffmann

Very insightful and, sadly, very true.

Allan Wood

It is easy to say, that if the Chinese have a possible US President compromised such as Biden, Trudeau would have the same mind set. After all the liberals platform on green energy, the elimination of fossil fuels, gun confiscation, their denial of terrorism, censorship of the media, etc is the same as the democrats. Possibly, and rightly so, a strategy of the Communist Chinese?


“One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors. The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” -Plato


The CCP is well entrenched in Canada today . . .
and I suspect Trudope is easily led by his CCP handlers.

William D Roberts

Drama Boy is a control freak. He knows full well that if he controls the message (media) he controls the masses .Wake up Canada we are heading is into a very dark place with this imbecile.

John Cox

The Lieberals are following long established methods of taking control of the a country. just like what happened in 1910’s, 1930′,1950’s and 1960’s in the communist/fascist states in the around the world. Canadians need to get the heads out of the sand and see what has happening to one of the freest countries in the world.
Is it any wonder the secessionist movement is gaining strength in the West.


For those that have not read Cloward/Piven nows your chance.
Barry Obama’s heroes . . .

The “Thinking Class” knew Justin Trudope was a Marxist back in 2015 . . . but Canada’s Handout Class was all in for the low intellect clown.

I have joined the ranks of the Wexit crowd . . . one of more Western Provinces need to pack up and Leave . . .


Precisely Spencer…..exactly as the Democrats in the States under Biden/Harris, if elected, will do. They will destroy the USA and that would be a CALAMITY for all the world’s (remaining) democracies.

Why can’t people who vote Liberal here or Democrat down there understand this???!!!


trudo wants to be a dictator? Tell me something I didn’t know. PET was the same, a dictator loving person who taught jr well.

Arie Intveld

This latest perversion of Socialist authoritarianism that the Trudeau Liberals have been foisting upon Canadians is not unique to Canada. The very same has been happening globally and continues to creep unabated into the fabric of all societies. Jacinda Ardern and her Labour Party’s efforts in New Zealand is another case in point. Altruistic and virtuous slogans, catch phrases and taglines are being hammered into the global human psyche relentlessly via MSM, social media, politicians and bureaucrats. Everywhere on the planet, these catch phrases are, word for word, all identical. Climate Crisis, Climate Refugee, Green Economy, Sustainability, Diversity is Our… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Trudeau loves and admires the communists of the world, especially China. The Trudeau Liberals are Canada’s communist party; a clear and present existential threat to Canada and Canadians.


Your comments Shawn are SO right on….For the life of me I cannot understand why there are so many stupid or misinformed voters in this country who still vote Liberal these days. The Liberals of today are NOT the Liberals of the past who were just left of centre more or less…..PM Turd-Dope’s father of course was the exception…he was a Communist thinker and sympathizer and Turd-Dope’s mother was a drug using hippie brain dead idiot who came from a rich family. They say one get’s their smarts from their Mother genetically. If so, sure fits in Turd-Dope’s case and… Read more »


Should Biden and the Democrats win, I predict that Trudeau will wait a couple of months and call his own election, wanting to manipulate to a majority. Should that happen, it could possibly be the last democratic election in Canada. He would buy votes, buy Singh support and manipulate laws to make the Cooperatives illegal or powerless, with his aim to become the dictator he has always wanted to be. No wonder he wants to confiscate firearms. Notice every time he is in public he has 10 or 12 security goons around him. He is terrified of Canadians.

Tim Pedden

Check History and not the Lies in history that the Fascist Dictator trudeau wants written , you will see that every step that the Crime Minister as taken is a Step into the Fascist World for Canada. Flood the country with Hatred , Destroy Patriotism with Divisive Communist Propaganda , Bring in People that want to Destroy our Country and transform it into a FASCIST CCP STATE , Destroy Free Speech and Democracy and Indoctrinate the Children and Destroy the Economy . The CCP’S Fascist Dictator is well on his way to Shoving the Knife into the Back of a… Read more »


I’m sad that my adult children don’t see this. They have been indoctrinated to the green economy hoax and the nanny state. The climate tax is just in their minds. They don’t understand the threat of communism and inherent loss of freedom. I’m sick about it. Literally . So far no grand children to worry about and I won’t be around much longer so I guess it’s their cross to carry.