While Politicians Focus On Law-Abiding Gun Owners, Gang Crime Surges & Innocent People Are Paying The Price

Canada has a gang problem, not a gun problem. By failing to address this reality, lives are being lost, and resources are being diverted from where they can make a difference.

Last weekend, a 12-year-old boy was shot right in front of his mother, while the two were out shopping in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood of Toronto.

Sadly, the boy passed away yesterday.

Police have charged 24-year-old Rashawn Chambers, and 25-year-old Jahwayne Smart with multiple crimes, including first degree murder and attempted murder.

This is only the latest horrible manifestation of Toronto’s serious gang crime problem.

Yet, most of the remarks made by politicians and public officials following the news of the child’s death was to talk about “gun crime.”

Many didn’t even mention gangs at all.

This is having tragic consequences.

Time and time again, it is made clear that Canada has a gang problem, not a gun problem.

You don’t see law-abiding hunters and sport shooters heading into the cities and shooting innocent people.

You don’t see rural Canadians heading into inner cities and shooting people.

No, the problem is gangs, not law-abiding gun owners.

Yet, rather than address this reality and direct resources to combat the real problem, politicians – particularly Liberal politicians – talk about ‘gun crime,’ direct attention to law-abiding gun owners, and then impose new restrictions that impact law-abiding people, while doing nothing to stop gangs from acquiring and using illegal weapons.

Rather than use the power they already have to stem the flow of illegal guns, and rather than launch a strong crackdown on gangs, the politicians continue to demonize people who aren’t the actual source of the problem.

The result is that more and more people are becoming victims of this political correctness, as gang violence surges and nothing is done.

Innocent people are paying the price for the irrational vendetta many politicians have against law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

Spencer Fernando

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