Poilievre Slams Liberals As They Try Blocking Document Release Rather Than Helping Desperate Small Businesses

With hundreds of thousands of businesses on the brink, the Liberals still haven’t presented a budget, and are wasting valuable time trying to block the release of documents, instead of helping Canadians in need.

Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre lit into the Liberals today, slamming their actions on the Finance Committee amid Canada’s health and economic crisis.

With reports indicating up to 225,000 Canadian small businesses are on the brink of collapse, Poilievre noted that the Liberals have failed to pass a budget, and are using the Finance Committee to try and block the release of documents related to the WE Scandal while help for small businesses languishes.

Poilievre noted that provincial governments have been able to present budgets, as have many national governments around the world, yet the Liberals still have not.

You can watch Poilievre’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter