Andrew Scheer Ends Sister-In-Law’s Employment In His Constituency Office

Move by Scheer follows criticism by new Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole.

Former Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has ended the employment of his sister-in-law in his constituency office.

“I understand that in this case, following the rules may not have been enough. Even the perception of a conflict concerns me. As such, I have met with Erica and I have ended her employment in my office,” said Scheer in a statement.

Scheer made the move following reports on her employment, and charges of hypocrisy being made against the Conservatives.

Earlier, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole criticized Scheer employing his sister-in-law:

“Canadians want and deserve better and I am going to expect that from my team.”

Clearly, O’Toole’s remarks made it clear that action needs to be taken.

As I wrote earlier, Scheer’s hiring of his sister-in-law had made the Conservatives vulnerable to charges of hypocrisy, and the rapid response following O’Toole’s comments is great to see.

If O’Toole can remain committed to upholding higher standards for his party, then the Conservatives will be able to build much stronger credibility with Canadians over time.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube