VIDEO: Politicians Should Take A Pay Cut & Stop Decimating Small Businesses

People have poured their hearts and their souls into building their businesses. Allowing them to be crushed on the whim of politicians, while big box stores go on operating, is unacceptable.

We continue to see the destruction of many small businesses across Canada, at the same time as big box stores are filled with people.

This isn’t happening because people are choosing it, it’s happening because politicians are forcing it to happen.

The more governments fail, the more power they are demanding, and they continue to impose often absurd rules that allow internationally-owned big box stores to operate, while crushing Canadian small businesses.

The politicians also aren’t sharing in the sacrifice they impose on others, with their pay and perks still intact as their rules decimate the livelihoods of others.

You can see my thoughts on this in the video below:

“Instead of decimating small businesses while benefitting big box stores, politicians should be showing some humility, dramatically cutting their own pay, and realizing that they are vastly overstepping their authority.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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