Trudeau Government Spreads Misinformation, Publicizes Fake Readout Of Call Between Trudeau & O’Toole, BEFORE The Call Even Took Place

As Darshan Maharaja said on Twitter, “This takes ‘predictive text’ to a whole new level.”

The Trudeau Liberals tried to attack the Conservatives for allegedly spreading ‘misinformation,’ only to end up spreading misinformation themselves.

Around 4:30 eastern time, the Trudeau government put out a press release, which includes a readout of a call between Justin Trudeau and Erin O’Toole:

There’s only one problem:

The call had not taken place yet.

“At around 4:30 PM today, Trudeau’s office put out a readout of a phone call between Trudeau & Erin O’Toole. Except that the call had not yet happened; if was supposed to take place at 5:15 PM. This takes ‘predictive text’ to a whole new level.”

The Liberals are claiming it was a “mistake.”

Of course, the Liberal claims about the Conservative MPs are as false as their readout of the call.

The Liberals aren’t interested in working with other parties or helping Canadians in this time, they are instead playing political games.

Also, releasing an attack on an opponent for a call that hasn’t taken place is classic misinformation, and it shows the continued hypocrisy of the Liberals who attack others for what they themselves are doing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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This comment is not really about politics per se……….but did you ever notice the number of idiots out there who think they are very dapper and dressed to the nines? Well a lot of them really are smucks, like our Prime Minister Turd-Dope for example who can’t even tie a double Windsor knot on his tie making the tie always appear sloppy, angled toward one side or the other and looks incompetently groomed …which in this case exactly fits our Prime Minister perfectly i.e. sloppy AND incompetent. He and Finance Minister Freakland should compete for the top prize for the… Read more »